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Book Review – The Hunter’s Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore – Part 2

Part 1

As you may have figured out, I sincerely doubt I will ever read another R.A. Salvatore – unless somebody tells me it’s worth it and points to another series/trilogy. Thus part 2 will contain the last time I mention this book except for the title: It is in the process of being returned to the library.

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Ahhhh, funny. Very very English. In a little weird way it is actually good to know a little bit about the M25 and M40 outside London.. . Besides that just lean back and enjoy the ride! It’s pretty “simple”(not if you count the twists) and explanatory which is nice for a non-English person.

In opposition to The Discworld series by T. Pratchett Good Omens is not so much fantasy as it’s set on Earth with a crystallization of some religious functions. Maybe crystallization is not the best words, I’m trying to say that they are more visible. Anyway.

As of this I have not actually finished it yet but I have grand intentions to do so within the next couple of days. Primarily because I have gotten a tip for a book to read!

And this from the same person who introduced me to Stephen Erikson and the Malazan Series.

Sharepoint 2010 Foundation + Windows 2008 R2 + VMWare Workstation


I just write down notes from the installation.
But intended as a guide for how to set up your own sharepoint lab.

Guides and Documentation

Sharepoint server on technet:

SQL Server 2008 R2 and Sharepoint 2010 server I downloaded the trial from Microsoft.


VM – Virtual Machine
Host OS – I installed VMWare Workstation on my home desktop, so the Host OS will in my case be Windows 7 as that’s what’s installed on it.
Guest OS – On this host OS I have installed Windows 2008 R2 – this will be running inside VMWare Workstation.
NAT – Network Address Translation


  1. Install VMWare Workstation
  2. Install Windows 2008 R2
  3. Install a client – Windows 7 x64 – or connect from the host os.
  4. Install SQL Server 2008 R2
  5. Install Sharepoint

Windows 2008 R2

Easy Setup may not be the best choice -> when I did it took the timezone I was in and decided that Ukrainian would be a good language.

In the beginning it’s probably best to have the VMs connected to the Internet (so you can apply patches) – setting is called NAT when setting up the VM. I chose 2GB RAM and 40GB disk space (guide says 4GB RAM and 80GB disk).

The password/account you specify needs to meet the Windows 2008 password requirements.

Install patches
Set up remote desktop – so you can connect from your host and connect your host OS local disk drive to the guest OS – good way to share files between them.

I did not read the documentation or find a good step-by-step, figured I would try it out without any of that – this way I would learn better.

Initial Roles

Figured that a domain would be good to start with.

Select AD Domain Services and install. This installed .net 3.5.1 and then asked me to run dcpromo.

DCpromo – new forest – fqdn: guldmyr.lan – forest functional level: 2008 R2. Then it examines DNS configuration, takes forever, probably because I don’t have a DNS server installed. A while later it asks if you want to install the DNS server. Which recommends having a static IP. Changed ip to Then it asks something about delegation, went to next and there you see a summary – with install DNS selected. That went without a hitch. Restarting. You get to set a special AD password as well. Reboot.

To test that the AD was probably installed – you now can either install a new VM with a client to try to log on. Or you can use the remote desktop and authenticate with a domain account. Also a “ping win2k8” or “ping” showed that dns might be working as well. After the reboot the DNS server in the ipv4 configuration was changed to localhost –

This worked for me with only the above steps – pretty easy!

When I open server manager there are some errors but none seems to awful. There are best practices you can run to improve things / harden the setup – but this is not so important at the moment – I just want to get a sharepoint server up and running.

SQL Server 2008 R2

Installing this package: SQLFULL_ia64_ENU of 1.4GB.
This extracts everything inside and takes roughly 2GB of space.
Turns out the IA64 does not work on an x64 system.
So then I tried to download SQL Express 2008 R2 instead, and it’s free and only 250MB!

Let’s see how this goes :)
Installing this package: SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU of 250MB

New installation, accept, chose default settings in regards to directories and what to install, named instance – default settings,  Create an account – I named it SQL – click on browse to select it – format is GULDMYR\SQL. Then you get to specify SQL Server Admins. After that it’s installing. Completed without any hitches. Pathces. Reboot.

SQL Server Management Studio – could not connect.

Uninstalling SQL Server 2008 R2. Selected the R2 x64. That took care of most. ALso ENU and native client I uninstalled. Because in the hardware/software requirements this is mentioned Preparation Tool installs “SQL Server 2008 Express with SP1”

Sharepoint Server 2010

Couldn’t install –  error: “installation of this package failed”
Couldn’t extract the file either – broken download. Re-downloaded.

OK, this extracted.
Now it says that the language is not supported.
Stupid Ukrainian.
Reinstalling Win2k8

Reinstalled win2k8 – chose “install OS later” to get rid of the auto-install.
Also changed RAM to 3GB and disk to 40GB (it doesn’t use space until it’s used).

Now all is in English!

Did not install AD services this time.
Did not configure a second account, doing the install with the Administrator account.

Downloading Sharepoint 2010 Foundation instead of the server version.

Selected “install software pre-requisities”.
This installed lots of stuff successfully. Reboot. Install continues afterwards.
Ran installation file again, chose standalone setup. Completed OK.
Then a wizard runs. Completed.

Opens http://win2k8/ – log on with administrator

And now we got a sharepoint!


With the Foundation version there are a minimal amount of settings to configure when following the wizards. No choice in terms of storage, sql server, accounts. Just click-click-click!

Total size of the VM after all this is 13.6GB (14 661 324 079 bytes).

  1. Install Windows 2008 R2
  2. Patch it.
  3. Run Sharepoint 2010 Foundation pre-requisities install
  4. Run Sharepoint 2010 Foundation install
  5. Point your web browser to http://localhost or http://servername. OR http://ip (this will work from the host os).

Next post will be about what to do inside sharepoint!

VMWare Workstation -> Put VM on your LAN IP network

So, you have this awesome Virtual Machine running in your local area network (LAN) and want to be able to forward a port from your broadband router so it can be accessed by somebody else?

Doesn’t work?

In VMWare Workstation go to Edit -> Virtual Network Editor. Then use one of the unused VMNets or just use the top one that is bridged. In the menu below you will see several interfaces -> if you see more than one, that could for example be if you have both a cable and wireless Ethernet connection, Hamachi also pops up in there.

Like this:

VMWare Network Editor

VMWare Network Editor

So go ahead and change that to the one that gives your host access to the LAN.

Also make sure that the IP settings on your VM are adequate, DHCP should work but if it doesn’t – try with a static setup in the same subnet as your host is (DNS should be the broadband router).

On Windows the useful commands to troubleshoot this would be: route print, ipconfig /all, ping. I usually ping this host:

Netti + Sony Ericsson X10 Mini + DNA

So you just got your SE X10 Mini in another country and wants to use it in Finland with the telephone service provider DNA?
Not as easy as it seems! Well, first it’s hard to get the actual number, but after you get your social security number it should not be that hard.

For me it worked, but only with the native browser. Not with any other apps like facebook, gmail, opera mini, market.

When your phone registers on the DNA network it gets some access point profiles that supposedly will let you get online.

To view your profiles go to Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names.
In here I had a profile called “dna wap” and one more – which I got after first registering on the dna network.

Spoke with DNA in Kamppi who said it was the phone’s problem – that that the access point profiles were good (they did mention the Internet one, but said that not all phones has it).
Even had a chat session with the Sony Ericsson support who said that the access point profile is not correctly configured.

After quite some translated search I managed to find this profile:

Name: dna internet
APN: Internet
Proxy: not set
Port: not set
Username: not set
Password: not set
Server: not set
MMSC: not set
MMS Proxy: not set
MMS Port: not set
MCC 244
MNC 12
APN type: not set

Which makes it all work!
DNA does not sell Sony Ericsson cell phones – I suppose they do not like it because they are “made” in Sweden.

Firefox 4 Beta 10

Just got the message to upgrade to Firefox 4 Beta 10 and as usual I don’t notice any differences – but that’s a good thing right?

Release notes

With 8GB RAM I don’t think this will apply so much to me either: “Improvements in memory usage”

My (two) plugins still work too

The ones I use are webmail notifier (gmail, hotmail and a custom squirrelmail script) and adblock plus. Default theme. A cluttered work space is very annoying to me :)

Customized WebMail Notifier (x-notifier) Script for Squirrelmail

I use the WebMail Notifier / or as it’s nowadays called – the X-notifier plugin in Firefox to see if I have gotten any new e-mails.

The standard ones – gmail or hotmail works great, but there are also scripts (xnotifier scripts here) to make this work with your own – or other e-mails based on other e-mail servers, for example Squirrelmail.

To customize this to work with your own setup you may need to change the script available on the link above (as of version 2011-01-04).

If your squirrelmail web server enforces https and is installed on for example and not (which the script by default assumes), you will have to alter the script.

I had to change this function in the code to make it work:

function init(){
}else if(this.user.indexOf("@")!=-1)this.server="https://mail."+this.user.split("@")[1];
this.loginData=[this.server+"/squirrelmail/src/redirect.php","login_username", "secretkey",];

The WebMail notifier script squirrelmail_guldmyr

The X-Notifier script squirrelmail_guldmyr_xnotifier

Great Android Apps

My phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Active and an Asus Transformer TF101 (with cyanogenmod 10.0).
I am located in Finland so these apps may or may not exist in your market.

Updated 201308. Easy to go to and see which you’ve ever installed  :)

flashlight – There’s a ton of these out, useful anyway.
Mybookdroid – Scan barcode of your books and adds them to your library. Synchs with .
Google Translate – Nicer than using the web page.
Collins Swedish-Finnish words – Paid version includes pronunciation as well. After trial expires only random word widget works – which is what I use it for.
Andropas – Public Transport around Helsinki Metropolitan area – quite awesome.
Native browser / Opera Mini – I used the Opera Mini for a while because it was quite fast. But after an update it sometimes did some not so nice refreshes of the page – for example after writing a post in a comment in facebook – which caused all the text to be gone. The native also works with google docs which is a big plus. These days google chrome is also a good alternative.
Google Maps – Good enough free GPS-alternative.
RealCalc Scientific – most of the tools are a mile or three over my head – but I’ve used it occasionally :)
Irssi ConnectBot – Some extra features compared to the normal ConnectBot that makes irssi via ssh/screen a lot smoother.
Irssi Notifier – Get notifications when for example you’ve been hilighted on IRC
AndroIRC – Useful when I’m too lazy to jump through the ssh hoops :)

Zeam Launcher – makes the interface more customizable, “thinner” – not so much extra stuff – what I like most is that you don’t have to do as much flipping between screens when looking for an app.
Skype – works so/so, but it does the trick :)
Advanced Task Killer – Kills apps to free up resources. This page is also very slim -> I like.
Elixir 2 – See which processes are using your system
Fing – Wake On LAN start my desktop :)
WiEye – Check out which channel you should put your wifi on :)
Ftp Server – Easy way to transfer files to the Transformer
Hipmunk – Find cheap flights based on agony is fun :)
KeePassDroid – Sync password database – can be integrated with Dropbox.
PerfectViewer – Read comics
Spotify – Music!
Sveriges Radio – Listen to Swedish radio. Apparently listening to non-live shows is a bit buggy.
Yelp – Find someplace to eat

How to get an update when a blog has gotten a new post

Hello and welcome to my blog :)

If you want to get an update whenever there is a new post you can subscribe (for free of course) to an RSS feed. This feed is a small page in .XML format that gets updated whenever a post is added on

Does it sound a little complicated? – It does not have to be!

What I found amazing about this is that most webpages have a feed, so you can put all your favorite sites in an RSS-reader, and then you just load this reader and it will tell you if any of your pages has any new posts!

Feeds of my categories – I think this might be a good idea because I tend to write about many things.

The storage category is focusing on storage, SAN and data networks.
The Finland category is about anything that is not about IT.
The IT category will is about the rest of IT :) –  This one has all included.

Google Reader
Personally I use google reader – to view the RSS.
Pro’s: Works from my android phone from the built-in web browser, works from any computer with Internet access, all it takes is for me to log in to the address above with my gmail account. Automatic translations of feeds, tags, sharing and more.
Con’s: I haven’t actually tried any other. :)


  1. Point your web browser to:
  2. Click on “Add a subscription”
  3. Add one of my RSS feeds – for example – and click on add.
  4. Done!

Now every time you log on you will see a number next to the name of the feed which shows how many new posts there has been since last time. To read them just click on them.
It is possible to use keyboard shortcuts in google reader too:

j -> next post
k -> previous post
u -> enables/disables the menu on the left part of the screen

There are more short cuts buts those are the only ones I use.

To find the RSS feed faster, you can in many pages go to your bookmarks menu and click on “subscribe” – this will open your RSS reader and attempt to put the RSS feed in there – remember, it doesn’t cost you anything :)

Book Review – The Hunter’s Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore

Another great thing about being around home is to go find a proper library, I even found a fantasy/sci-fi shelf in the English part of the library on Rikardinkatu.

I have been on the lookout for some new long series to get my hands into but just I just have not been able to get excited about any of my attempts lately. Not since I read the Stephen Eriksson’s books about the Malazan Empire. Now that’s some fantasy that keeps my attention up most of the time. Not the boring kind where there’s a lot of introspection and very detailed fights – like in first and half second book of the Hunter’s Trilogy(see after that I could not handle it anymore and let the book go).

The characters in the Hunter’s Trilogy does not feel real!
Maybe this is because you get this hunch that even though they may get seriously injured they always tend to make it in the end due to some heroic effort by one in the gang.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, I’ve read loads of Terry Pratchett, David Eddings, Tad Williams (Otherland) and Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time epics) which I enjoy.

So I went for this book I found at a flea market the other day: Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman – Good Omens. Good so far, most things about gods/religion fascinate me.

Maybe the Malazan books has gotten me spoiled? What will I do now? Do I have to look for books in another genre or sub-genre at the least?

Google Interview – Data Center IT Technician

* Updated 2011-01-29
* Updated 2011-03-08 Dtek contributed some more questions from the first interview.
* Updated 2011-03-23 – Added question about PCI/PCIe and DOS partitions. Also I have been asking the few who have commented to add their input but not so much feedback yet. Feel free to drop me an e-mail or put in a comment :)
* Updated 2011-03-24 – Wrote a little more about the ‘100 broken computers’ question.
* Updated 2011-05-21 – Added some more detail/discussion about the questions in the first section.

A little while ago I had an interview for a position with Google as a Data Center IT Technician, I never signed an NDA so should be safe to put them up here :)

However, if you want to play it safe I’d refrain from posting here until after the interviews are over.

I didn’t get the job, they never answered why I didn’t pass when I replied back for some feedback (besides the template e-mail).

If you read this go ahead and comment, maybe we can figure out a better way to approach the questions :)

First Interview

First there was one interview which had 20 questions (I don’t remember all) around basic (older – like no SATA) PC stuff:
What are all the components in a PC or Server?
PC: chassi, system board, psu, cpu, ram, hdd, fans, cables, graphics card, dvd, monitor, keyboard/mouse
Server: same with deduction of a extra graphics card (is one on the system board), and addition of hdd controller, possibly backplane, no cd/dvd, extra nic, double cpu, ram, psu, fans, remote monitoring/console.

What protocol is used by ping? ICMP (this is a sneaky question – an obvious fault is to go for TCP or UDP)
How many IDE devices can you have in a PC?
– two per channel (usually 4)
How many can you have on each channel? What are they called? – 2 / master and slave
What is the resolution in Windows 2000 safe mode? – 800×600 or 640×480?- see this link on mydigitallife or this post on tom’s hardware.
What is a MAC address?Media Access Control – a unique identifier for network devices. Used by many protocols.
What is the name of the Ethernet plug?RJ45
How do you recognize a broken hard drive without software or removing it from the machine? – 1) Noise (tick tack sound of the arm getting stuck/hitting something) 2) Any leds on the disk, system board, controller 3) Any vibration or anything from the disk?
How do you find the first disk in a linux OS? – Look under /dev/ for a disk like /dev/sda(SATA) /dev/hda (PATA). Then /dev/sda1 is the first partition.
Name two devices needed to make a network: switch and router (well, network card (NIC) and router should do it, or a switch and network card.. depends how big you want to make it, really i guess you can have a network with a crossover cable and two nics).
What is BIOS? Basic input/output system. Responsible for initializing hardware, POST/startup diagnostics, boot the OS and varies hardware settings.
What is the bit rate of a serial interface of a network device? – the default apparently in hyperterminal – 9600 (this might be tricky, in my experience this varies between the devices – max is probably 115200bps). Maybe what they are asking for is what is the default speed of a Cisco switch’s aux or console port? If so, the answer is 9600.
What is the port used for HTTP? – 80
What is the difference between PCIe and PCI? – PCI-e is newer than PCI and PCI-x. The slots look different and they are not compatible.
How many primary partitions can you have in DOS?
– Four primary and maximum one active per disk. See this link for some explanations. Unsure at this stage what the exact question was.
What did you do in your previous jobs?
Would you be able to re-locate?

What does HTTP stand for? Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What controls GPU CPU Mem at boot up?
What is ROM?
Read Only Memory – Used for storing data that you do not want somebody to write to.

Length of cat5 transmission? 100m
What does NIC stand for? 
Network Interface Card

What is the standard type of filesystems now? disk filesystem and network filesystems
How would you create an EXT4 filesystem on the first partition of the first SCSI drive? 
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1
How would you install lilo? 
How do you get IP info from Linux or Windows? “ip addr” or “ifconfig” in Linux and “ipconfig” in Windows.
What is the subnet mask for a Class B Network?

Second Interview

Then there was a second one that was done by a person who worked in a data center and had questions like these:

You have 100 broken computers, how do you proceed.
Personally I didn’t do very well on this question I think.
There are lots of ways to approach this one, how far can you take it?
One way to make this a little easier/visible would be to make a tree or mindmap and keep on expanding it.

But thinking about this afterwards I would probably approach it something like this, (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Get an overview – where are they, what kind of hardware, importance, severity of problem, the wider you can make this the better. To have this done automagically is important and speeds up troubleshooting immensely. Consider monitoring softwares like nagios, ganglia, cactii. They not only monitor hardware but can also services.
  2. What’s the status of the central components? Network, power, etc.
  3. Hopefully not all have the same problem, try to find certain groups of them that have the same obvious error.
  4. Maybe there are more than one underlying issues, but they appear to be the same – or gives the same problem.
  5. Maybe there is one problem on one computer that is causing problem for all the rest. For example bad ethernet/fibre channel card or cable can cause network interruptions on the whole network or SAN.
  6. Maybe a service and there is something in that software on one node that is causing this issue. Like a job that runs on many machines but it broke on one machine and that caused the rest to break.
  7. Look in logs of the systems/services.
  8. Run a diagnostic CD on computers like ultimateboot CD to look for hardware errors. Server vendors may have their own diagnostic tools. memtest86 is a good boot CD for memory testing (probably best to test memory that way, the least amount of memory locked by the OS)
  9. For severe hardware problems you can look in the POST of the machine, check leds on them, but for 100 machines this might be more of a last resort.
  10. If you suspect the problem is SW – again try to find something they have in common – same manufacturer, same softwares/patches installed. Maybe this software has a monitoring part that can tell you more. Check the logs.
  11. When did the problem start? At the same time as a power outage, after a patch deployment, etc.
  12. Are they all physically close? Anything else gone down?

How do you see what happens during boot of the OS in Linux?
Answer: output of command dmesg and also in /var/log/syslog
Where do you find the logs in Linux?

Answer: /var/log
How do you mount a disk?

Answer: mount
Every boot?

Answer: fstab
How do you see what version of the kernel is running?
Answer:  uname -v (-r gives 2.6.x etc)
How do you put an image on a pc?
Answer: pxeboot as an example
How do you turn a room into a data center?

Maybe something like this? If you have any additions please go ahead and let me know :)

floor strong enough to hold the weight of all the equipment?
physical security – bar windows, access control(keys), cameras, guards
ventilation – perforated tiles?
UPS – electrical work

What is the difference between a switch and a router
said that the diff is that switches are closer to the hosts and the routers are further away -> in the core
Did you have experience writing documents – kb?
Worst job you ever had?
What do you expect from your colleagues and your boss?
What do you do outside work?
Do you have any questions?

Best pizzeria in Helsinki city

Tried a few near us so far.

The one on Korkeavuorenkatu was good but felt a bit shady.
Primula was very nice and it’s a nice pub too.
Best take away so far is Sopranos on Petersstreet very small place so you can’t eat there if you are more than two. But a very nice atmosphere there, felt like an Italian place :-)

furniture – IKEA

Heading out to IKEA now, need a bigger duvet, cover for that, under-chair-protection pads and of course some meatballs and mash :-)

Almost all our stuff are from IKEA but it’s so handy and quite cheap. Hope we don’t come home with too much other stuff like we sometimes do. What’s nice here is that they have a free bus going every now and they – it takes a while to get out there.

Detroit Red Wings – Pittsburgh Penguins 18/1 2011

Just watched the replay of this high profile game.

The last games has been disappointing for the Red Wings, why do they always have to let in two goals in the first period?
They did this before the new goalie McDonald entered the lineup after Howard’s injury (looks like he’s on the mend, substitute goalie in this game) so wouldn’t attribute it solely to McDonald but he did screw up pretty good on that first goal Detroit let in.

Datsuyk, Holmström, Cleary, Howard and more – some quality players and they are the center of the Wings’ team. Please get better soon!

Also soo nice to see Lidström being captain, going to be very interesting to see who he picks when they start picking the members! Game is on the 30th and before it’s been kind of dull, hopefully not this time!

Lifehack currency

Haven’t gotten around to the e-mail script yet, what would qualify? I check it so regularly often anyway that that is not something I want, I also don’t get that many e-mails.

On to another script that would assist me when I need to send money between a non-euro country and a country with euro. How to keep track of when the non-euro currency gives as much euro as possible?

Also, good thing I checked with the girlfriend:
When sending money to a non-euro country from a euro country, you want to get as many non-euro as possible.

When sending money to a euro country from a non-euro country, you want to use as few non-euro as possible to make a euro.


wget $webpage -O $inputfile
cat $inputfile | grep EUR/SEK -m 1 > $play
awk '{print $4}' $play >> $outputfile
date >> $outputfile

This is how the bash script looks like at the moment.

I would prefer to have the date after the value of EUR/SEK because then it’s a lot easier to read.
But I was thinking maybe I can sort this out via a php-script when presenting the file.
Basically every 2nd line should have a new line, not every one which is how the file looks like after the above bash script, see below:

Tue Jan 18 10:15:05 PST 2011

In Ubuntu Server (what I’m running as a virtual machine to test the scripts) to set timezone it is: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

** just about to go to bed, but why don’t I remove the date from the lines, and then instead add them via php? .. hmm. but then i won’t have the date of when the value was taken.. is it important? seems kind of relevant, it’s not really the date the exchange rate was updated, just when script was run so perhaps during the night we’d see updates on the numbers but not on the rate.
to be contemplated I guess – also maybe put this in a mysql db?**

** After sleeping on it I ended up doing it like this:

wget $webpage -O $inputfile
cat $inputfile | grep EUR/SEK -m 1 > $play
# - this greps for EUR/SEK and only line 1 (there are three on that .html)
P=$(awk '{print $4}' $play)
# - column 4 from output file of the above cat/grep
# - just to put the date in a variable
# - to put an HTML BR tag at the end of each line
# - to add a comma between the values, might come in handy if I want to import/export this.

echo $P$U $S$U $T >> $outputfile

This does the trick and the output now looks like this in the file, and comes out like that on the webpage too.

8.9082 Wed Jan 19 07:40:54 EET 2011
8.9082 Wed Jan 19 07:50:54 EET 2011

Now I just have to find a way to run this and put it on my webhost :)
OK believe I have a way but it’s not so good as it’s via unsecure ftp :/

Thinking about the mysql thing but as my webhost don’t have a shell that would mean some sneaky “shortcuts” to get the things in the db :/
01/20/2011 – Added CSV in the outputfile too.

Common Passwords

So read in a Swedish IDG today about the most common passwords.

On number 4 we had lifehack – but I had never heard about this before, so checked out Wikipedia on this and apparently this is a quickly written script with the intent to simplify life by filtering for example a feed like for example e-mail or RSS!

Unfortunately I do not have a lifehack :/ But it would be nice to have one!
Think I will try to set one up as a filter on my e-mail account – does this qualify?

p.s. also I doubt that this is #4 in Sweden – but IDG Sweden I suspect quite strongly just translate English news

p.s.2 Today’s song:  James Vincent McMorrow – If I had a Boat

EMC – Symmetrix and CLARiiON 3

Whoa, EMC released a bunch of stuff last night :)

Updating this post as we go today :p

*** some kind of bicycle jump on in 5h and 45mins! Or 1330 UK Time, 1430 Central European, 1530 Finnish.


damn I missed the jump!
something else going on, a kid replacing a disk and watching the status on an ipad?
after one of the guys wanted to hi-five the kid but he missed ;)

now 26 people inside a mini cooper :)

maybe i haven’t missed it :p


Quite in depth :)

Opiskelija suomea – study Finnish

Just been to the immigration arbetskraftsbyrå in Hakaniemi. The course I have found that’s out in Espoo should be ok. They may pay for it too as their requirement is 14-16 hours per week and at least four days per week!

They sort the classes in different categories. Mine was A1.3 which is apparently a good one for me(a beginner).

The test they were going to send out will hopefully come before that. Apparently lots of people who want to study Finnish.

Also found some cumin(good for middle eastern and mexican dishes) in an Asian store!

EMC – Symmetrix and CLARiiON – 2

So we reserved two green old chairs.
Just might need a nut and a metal plate for a bolt that’s missing one then they’ll do nicely!


Also been reading up on the CLARiiON now so far as to what I’ve found.

Hardware base is quite similar to the EVAs with the backend loops, CTS on the CX4 and loop io modules on the CX3. With a max of 120 disks per loop.
The number in the naming of the CX4 (maybe the others too) is that the number is max amount of disks. CX4-960 is 960 disks and 8 loops (120 per loop then?). Loop pairs I hope.

Turns out Dell are selling these.

Hot sparing is used and a raid group is like an EVA disk group.
Quite similar to the way HP’s XP is creating the parity groups.
Navisphere for management on the CLARiiON and System Management Console on the Symmetrix.

Interesting stuff this is!

Symmetrix is high end and CLARiiON is mid range.

So Symmetrix has even more similarities to the XP. For example the blades with the directors(host ports, device ports, disks, memory, cache) and assemblies.

Both appears to have more ways of configuring it than the EVA – the admin interface looks more complex anyway and you can tune the cache which is neat ;)

Both of these are quite extensive but especially the Symmetrix article looks a lot like an advertisement.


EMC – Symmetrix and CLARiiON



So got two calls this week about a storage specialist job.

I suspect both are for the same job but for both top of the list was EMC – Symmetrix and CLARiiON knowledge.


Today I will be googling around for some information that describes them.

Just read a little about the tiering and that looks really awesome. Having data that is frequently accessed on SSD drives and when they move down in use they can be moved down to another tier with cheaper/larger disks. Just brilliant.


So updating inside the post.

Found this aricle: looks pretty nice. Would like to find a user guide that shows how to install and how to use it :)


Maybe those aren’t supposed to be public. Hard to find them on EMC’s website anyway ;/


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