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Last IRC-post of bota for a while

17:00 < bo7a> well this shit just got real. taking down the desktop. I’ll log in from the lappy before actually taking off
17:01 < bo7a> cheers fuckers

The botashake and his wifey MJ is going on an adventure – live on an island!
Does it get cooler than that or what? :)

Well worth checking out and I hope all goes awesome!

I’ll be following them on twitter and – you should too!

Songs of the day – 30 of March – 2011

Juke Cartel – Save Me# rock, much more so than the previous ones I’ve mentioned :)

Angel Jonathan – Jahel# trancey! apparently a little Irish going on at 2:15 :)

Strength of Strings – The Keys # popped up under mood ‘partay’. Beginning should’ve been under ‘mellow’ for sure :) But the song increases in happiness after the first verse or so. Nice guitars.

Power Version – HiFi Hustlers # nice rhythm! now we’re talking..  dance-reggae-electronica?

Kill the Director – The Wombats # pump it up! From livepool, not sure if this is good or bad.

Favorites: nothing that tickled this time

Songs of the day – 25 of March – 2011

Same story as last time: I am listening from the laptop speakers while working so not listening to the lyrics much. I put in ‘open mic’ or a special mood in thesixtyone and see what comes up! Great way to find new music :)

Awake My Soul – Momford & Sons # sing/song writer. Needs to be listened to more, the lyrics. Relaxing song. Banjo here too? Or maybe mandolin or something like that :)

El Capitan – The Steelwells # Beautiful. I laijk.

Harold T. Wilkins – Fanfarlo # Again nice, believe this was on the list a couple of days ago.

Birthday Party (demo) – The Preachers # energetic and emotional(?, maybe not, but I can feel?) good voice on the singer

Me and You – Helga Knardal # soft sung

Places to Go – Leftover Cuties # classical comp, like 70s, 60s. Lovely.

Do the Whirlwind – Architecture in Helsinki # bitop. full of win. Awesome videos. See also The Owls Go and Hold Music by the same band.

The Spring Standards – Queens of the Lot # a little .. jazzy maybe?

Favorites: El Capitan, Leftover Cuties, Architecture in Helsinki

Songs of the day 23st of March – 2011

Graciously taken from listening to today. Some links go to the youtube some to
Please note that I rarely listen to the actual text of the songs, just the music and the rhythm.
Primarily because I do not listen to them from my head phones, my hearing is a bit shot and the speakers now are from the laptop and a bit low volume.

My Mathematical Mind – Spoon # ok

The `59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem # This is nice! Good tempo.

Quiet When Group – Boduf Songs # no impression

All Those Pretty Lights – Andrew Belle # Annoying voice at a start, maybe it improves? No it did not really.

Peacock Dance – The Smooth Maria # Improves later on in the song.

A Letter To An Old Friend (in the key of E flat) – Two Bicycles # Slow, the occasional banjo? Good thing I’m not the author of Larson (who supposedly hates banjos ;). Xylophone too maybe? Is this a band or a one-man show? Quite nice anyway.

Adieu, adieu – The Pharmacy # Psychadelic?

In Ruins – Fol Chen # Smooth voice. Asiatic sounds, chinese/japanese that is. Quite refreshing.

Memento Mori – Unmorph # Ambient? I like this mix ;) Although I did not touch the settings. Not only ambient, also some parts I would definitely call industrial.

Rain – Curious? # More xylophones or at least some kind of bell instrument. Relaxing. No vocals. Does the song sound a little bit like rain drops hitting the bells? They do feel random occasionally but with a rhythm.

Social Standing – Tatiana Kochkareva # Singer is Russian – studied Jazz. Is this song jazz though? I have no idea. For sure I will look this one up later and listen to the lyrics.

Comfortable Haze – The Day Life # Playful guitar scenes, especially in the end. A little sad voice.

Favorites: Two bicycles, Fol Chen, The Gaslight Anthem and Tatiana Kochkareva.

Firefox 4.0 is here! – Or – I went with Google-Chrome instead

Firefox download links:




Going to test this as soon as I get home on My Windows machine.

On my RHEL6 laptop however I couldn’t just unpack the linux version and run the ./firefox.
I also couldn’t find the installation guide. Nonetheless, it complains about this;

./firefox-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

But sudo yum install gtk2 gives: Package gtk2-2.18.9-4.el6.x86_64 already installed and latest version.

And after a ‘find /’ I found the file here:

cat ~/find.all | grep

How do I proceed? – Did not find anything online quick enough that would help me. The other requirements I could also find in my system..
I tried to run ./firefox-bin which complained about which I also have in my system.
I tried to run it in a sudo, no difference.

If anybody reads this and has some ideas or so – please let me know :)

So I tried Google Chrome instead (haven’t tried this before) and wow, compared to Firefox 3.6.x which is the default one on RHEL6 it is really fast!

This is the link I used to install it and it worked perfectly:

  1. Add this to /etc/yum.repos.d/google.repo
name=Google - x86_64
  1. yum install google-chrome-unstable
  2. start google-chrome with: google-chrome

Playstation 3 – it’s purty

Got one this weekend, together with Gran Turismo 5 and Little Big Planet (or something like that), we’ve only played GT 5 so far but it’s pretty darn amazing!
It’s quite hard but we do win – complete the challenges in the beginner level at least ;)

Altogether quite expensive stuff, but we’ll try to get the rest of the stuff from online after this. Just wanted to get the console itself somewhere close in case we need help with the console or something is broken.

Check this out. You install it on your Window/mac/linux, then inside the playstation you go to videos and find it in there. And then you can stream videos from your desktop/laptop/server! Be sure to check out the forums, you can get the latest build in there.
Of course you can compile your own stuff from the svn but I do not know how to do that. That would be a good post on here though, I’ll put it on the to-do list!

Anyway, as far as I could read there are limitations to the ps3mediaserver. Subtitles in .srt format may not work, does not read inside compressed archives and maybe not all formats work.

DWM – start up script that works with GDM login manager

*** 2011-04-18 Updated with my current dwm config files, see the jg_dwm_conf.tar.gz below.

My config: jg_dwm_conf.tar

Goal: Be able to exit DWM and get back to the GDM – gnome login manager.
To be able to hit MODKEY+SHIFT+Q, exit dwm and get me back to the login manager.
Where I can chose another user or window manager. Or if I make a change in dwm and need to re-load it, this would work as well.
Before I had to reboot :)

Finally got this working like I want it to – with some help from #suckless on
This works for me with RHEL6, GDM –version 2.30.4 and DWM 5.8.2.
My problem was that before (you can see how that looked in this post) I ran the dwm also in a loop. But this is not necessary. If you want to keep the statusbar updated with some goodies by running a while loop, you only need to run the xsetroot in a while loop.


Looks like this:

[Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8
Comment=This session starts dwm


Looks like this (updated on 2011-04-18):

#not applicable? I do not have this directory in my home dir.
# --- commands here and before the "while true; do" are run once
#xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
#open screensaver (so that gnome-screensaver-command -l works)
/usr/bin/gnome-screensaver &
#open pwer manager
#exec gnome-power-manager

#black bg
#want this
#path to background
xsetroot -solid black

#while loop to update statusbar with some goodies
while true; do
battotal=`awk '/last full capacity/{print $4}' < /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info`;
batfree=`awk '/remaining capacity/{print $3}' < /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state`;
battper=$(( 100*$batfree/$battotal ));
battery=`awk '/charging state/{print $3}' < /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state`;
#memfreak to get it in MB
memfreak2=`grep MemFree /proc/meminfo | awk '{ print $2 }'`;
memfreak=$(( $memfreak2/1024 ));
CLK=$( date +'%a %b %d %R:%S %Z' )
VOL=$( amixer get Master | tail -1 | awk '{ print $5 }' | tr -d '[]' )
AVG=$( cat /proc/loadavg | cut -d ' ' -f -3 )
#network stats in Bytes
#NW=$( dstat -n --nocolor 1 1 | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1, $2}' )
#this one is not so good, increases a delay of 1-2s of the updating.
#put it in the xsetrootname plz (tip of the day, do not put | as first char after "
xsetroot -name "$AVG | $memfreak MB | $battper% $battery | Vol: $VOL | $CLK | "
sleep 1
done &

#loop is done? :p


sleep 1
/usr/bin/ck-launch-session &
/usr/local/bin/stalonetray &
/usr/bin/nm-applet &
/usr/bin/gnome-volume-control-applet &
feh -z -Z --bg-scale /home/jguldmyr/Pictures/dwm_pattern.png
#feh -z -Z -B black -b trans --bg-scale /home/jguldmyr/Pictures/Flow.png
#start dwm after loop
exec /usr/local/bin/dwm > /dev/null

DWM – not your average mainstream window manager

Have been playing around with a new window manager (new as in for me, I’ve only used fluxbox, kde and gnome before) called DWM – see more information on

I’m running it on a T400 with RHEL6 (which uses gnome login manager – gde).


  1. if you want to make a change like modify keyboard shortcuts, rules, tagging, top bar stuff, you need to edit config.h and then compile (make and then make install). Then you need to re-load dwm.
  2. after that is done, create a properly formatted file under /usr/share/xsession/
  3. then in the login manager you can chose dwm :)


  1. install dmenu as well, it is neat. ALT+P, then type what you want to run, then hit enter. Also if you type in ‘lock’ it will find xlock etc.
  2. ALT+SHIFT+ENTER gives you the terminal, ALT+SHIFT+Q quits dwm and gets you back to the login manager.
  3. ALT is the default, can be modified to apple- or windows-key

My problems :

  1. re-load dwm can be done in several ways but I have not found one that works well for me. If you do like me and run dwm in a while loop the only way I’ve found out so far is to reboot the whole machine. Because I don’t know how to log off the session and get back to the gdm login manager. I hope I do find a way around because rebooting kind of sucks ;)
  2. gnome-session-save –logout does not work -gave some kind of error
  3. MODKEY+SHIFT+Q only seems to re-fresh the screen, doesn’t actually re-load the whole she-bang.

DWM top bar can be edited to show other things than DWM version. See my post here about that.

DWM editing the bar to show time

xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
while true; do
# BAT=$(acpi | awk '{ print $4 }' | sed s/","//g)
CLK=$( date +'%H:%M')
# xsetroot -name "$BAT | $CLK"
xsetroot -name "$CLK"
sleep 1
done | while true; do ~/bin/dwm; done

Will this work to on RHEL6 x64 on a T400 Lenovo/IBM? Let’s see tomorrow :)

*** 14/3 0900- after a little modification the startup script now looks like this (just pointed to it in /usr/share/xsession/dwm.start) – script is also chmod a+x:

# commands here and before the "while true; do" are run once
#not applicable? I do not have this directory in my home dir.
#xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
#open screensaver
#open power manager

while true; do
#battery remaining capacity in mh. About 10 every second.
BAT=$( cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state | grep rem | awk '{ print $3 }' )
#time in this format Monday March 14 08:57:52
CLK=$( date +'%a %b %d %R:%S' )
#volume in %
VOL=$( amixer get Master | tail -1 | awk '{ print $5}' | tr -d '[]' )
xsetroot -name "Vol: $VOL | Bat: $BAT | $CLK"
sleep 1
done | while true; do /usr/local/bin/dwm; done

What I want to figure out is how to logout! .:DD:dD
MODKEY+SHIFT+Q only refreshes the screen.
MODKEY+l (which I’ve set to run “gnome-screensaver-command -l” : lock – lets me run another user, but I cannot logout myself)
so with this setup I have to reboot the computer for each time I want to re-load the configuration (after a change in config.h make;make install)

** update 14/3 1600

static const char *volup[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "15%+", NULL };
static const char *voldown[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "15%-", NULL };

{ MODKEY, XK_Up, spawn, {.v = volup } },
{ MODKEY, XK_Down, spawn, {.v = voldown } },

will lower/increase the volume with 15% with MODKEY+up or MODKEY+down :)
if you are unsure what the key should be called you can run ‘xev’ which will tell you what they are

KeyRelease event, serial 27, synthetic NO, window 0x1a00001,
root 0x111, subw 0x0, time 277994, (965,69), root:(966,87),
state 0x0, keycode 111 (keysym 0xff52, Up), same_screen YES,
XLookupString gives 0 bytes:
XFilterEvent returns: False

KeyPress event, serial 27, synthetic NO, window 0x1a00001,
root 0x111, subw 0x0, time 278097, (965,69), root:(966,87),
state 0x0, keycode 116 (keysym 0xff54, Down), same_screen YES,
XLookupString gives 0 bytes:
XmbLookupString gives 0 bytes:

Virtualbox – Free OS Virtualization

Had the opportunity to try out virtualbox the other day on RHEL.

I really liked the part that the rpm that I downloaded was signed and I had to import the signature to be able to install the package! Feels safe. Install did not cause any other problems for me.

As far as the interface goes I like it a lot.
Quite intuitive and worked fine for what I did with it (load a pre-made .vdi, boot, configure).

Not that different at all from VMWare Workstation. But I didn’t do much at all with virtualbox except the initial setup of the VM.

It is also free!

Some cool stuff:

  • manage the VMs via php
  • updated about once a month
  • Runs on windows/linux/osx/solaris
  • you can convert vmware vms into virtualbox format or you can actually import a vmware vm

Not so cool stuff:

  • oracle -> means suddenly you may have to pay licenses for it ;s

WD buys Hitachi GST

Linky to the register

“Western Digital is buying Hitachi Global Storage Technologies for $4.25bn in a friendly takeover …”

Hitachi GST has quite a few home-based disk products which do look interesting.

Hitachi GST’s page is very slow at the moment (2011-03-07 22:06 EET) – it even stopped responding. Maybe that’s because it’s getting slashdotted (./ed) or digged or something like that :)

Ye reckon this will make the drives cheaper? Sure hope so. I would like to get a little more, only have 2x500GB in my desktop at the moment :/
But might also be nice to get an SSD disk, but then again I don’t see why. I don’t really have any performance problems..

Drupal 7

Just installed Drupal 7 on a Debian Virtual Machine.

It’s so clean and it just feels very solid. Lots of things you can do in there.

Probably a good idea to check out drupal’s own description of their software before doing anything serious with it. I liked this description:

“Drupal is like a Lego kit. Skilled developers have already made the building blocks – in the form of contributed modules – that you need to create a site that suits your needs, whether that is a news site, an online store, a social network, blog, wiki, or something else altogether.”

Without doing any selections or configurations. You will not see anything if you log on as a non-admin user. I created an article and that is all the normal user can see. So for it to be able to see anything else, you need to make that available.

– Initially it appears that Drupal requires a lot of work for it to become useable. Especially for a larger organization or if you have multiple purposes/intentions with the site.

– It also turns out I don’t have the time to continue with this project at the moment (Final Fantasy IX taking my spare time). That’s why I will be publishing this post now and I will try to continue on this thread when I have the time. Another good thing with running your test setup in a VM: shut it down – and when you have the time you can just boot it up again and continue from the exact same place.

Movie Review – The Man Without a Past

Kotimainen Elokuva- Mies vailla menneisyyttä [by Aki Kaurismäki]

Black Comedy?

We decided to take a peak at it because it was nominated/won an Oscar under ‘foreign film’. So it should be good then right? Turns out they of course can be quite ‘artsy’ as well. But not necessarily a bad thing :)

There were weird “moments” – like where dialogue was abruptly stopped and one person walks off and stares into space..

Movie in Finnish set in Helsinki. Which always is cool – to see a movie set where you live. There were new Volvos (at least later than 2000), but movie feels old, like 60s? 70s?

Like an old movie done today. It felt .. classical. The actors did.

I really enjoyed the movie and do recommend it. But beware, it’s a little dark, but quite rewarding nonetheless.




Imagine a year being only 10 days!

I’d be sooo old! Roughly one thousand years old. Maybe I would qualify as a jedi?


Nice comment about the above article on /. :
“Didn’t we have the same “what use is this” question after that math story the other day? It’s like a oblique troll that something is Useless Until Proven Useful.
General Theory of Truth: If something is true, something cool can be done with it. No exceptions. Politics don’t count.
I agree *you* don’t need this, but someone out there has to know this stuff.”


“Once you find the Higgs there’s a cut scene where God kicks in the door at Stephen Hawking’s house, pistol-whips a nurse, and wheels Hawking away with a gun to his head. It fades to black and you see: “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BOSON-NOVA!” The Level Up screen opens, you get to distribute skill points and pick a Level II perk, and then you move on to the next quest.”


yes I’m too lazy to write something myself about the LHC ;)