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Music of the Day – 30th of June – poprockindie

Young the Giant – My Body # I like the first comment on the youtube – “When i heard this song for the first time i automatically loved it. Not very many songs can do that.”. What I didn’t like was was written on the blog where I found the song:  “That’s a pretty amazing endorsement from a man that most of us view as a God.”. Morrissey? God? Drug-addict. Crap. Saw him in Marlay Park in Dublin some years ago and it was just pure crap. Good thing that The Magic Numbers were on after :) Best ever! Haven’t heard about em you say? Check em out.

(Actually double-checked in my old so I didn’t write false words).
I wrote that me and Oskar were going to the consert, and I ended with the Morrissey is cool. So a bit of reverse of onion there, good, turns out I’m improving after all.

Another good song there: Heartbeats. Ever heard the Knife’s or Jose Gonzalez’s version? One of them was in a commercial. There is another cover on there now by a Ellie Goulding. For me it’s hard to beat the Knife’s version – as it’s pretty awesome – and it has much more synth in it. Also Ellie’s voice annoys me a little bit. Checked out some more songs, still annoying. There probably are more covers of the heartbeat song though, check em out!

Also – if you just found some good music – I’d love to hear! What are you listening to now?

Buying Kindle in Finland

On the 28th I purchased it around 1900. Today on the 30th at 0820 it arrived in the airport in Helsinki. Also yesterday somebody called and said it would come this week.

*** Update: It’s now on the way to my work! Got it around 12 or so. Less than 48 hours to get the Kindle (and it came from Reno, NV, US!).



I got it from the American – where it cost 140$ – totally it came to 240$ (got a black cover without light, shipping and VAT charge as well). Cheapest? Maybe not, but the dollar is pretty weak at the moment.

The price is 111£.

Currency converted: 140 USD is worth 96.6 EUR. (1 USD : 0.69 EUR)
Currency converted: 111 GBP is worth 123.21 EUR. (1 GBP : 1.11 EUR)

So I’m pretty confident that those 30€ is worth it, it still wouldn’t be free shipping it from the UK page. But it’s on the way!


Have been looking forward to this a while now, but after I tried reading a little on a friend’s Kindle (larger screen) I just had to go for it. I went with the smaller screen because I don’t want to carry something in magazine size. Pocket size now that’s more like it.

But I wonder if I will miss reading large ass 1000 pages books like ‘Dust of Dreams‘ or ‘Game of Thrones‘? What I won’t miss is carrying that book around though maybe it does make my arms a little stronger? =)
First book I’m going to try is ‘The Crippled God‘ by Steven Erikson.

Unwrapping & First sight

It comes in nice no-tape boxes (well the larger package does but not the smaller ones inside). Environmentally friendly – I like.  I never held one of this size in my hand before – but it feels pretty good. Not heavy at all (in comparison to my normal books), not too light either.

It’s a little uncomfortable to write things on it (tried to set up wireless access). So I’ll have to do that when I come home and are sure of the passwords/logins :)
Set the wireless up when I was at home, worked great. No problem at all. I think the writing on it just takes a little bit to get used to. It’s not buttons like on a keyboard, it’s more like round thin buttons.

kindle bottom

kindle bottom

Eject on Linux

If you run linux on your PC – you cannot start using it from scratch. It will tell you that you need to eject the Kindle before – and it’s not charging. The command you type is:

eject /dev/sdb1

/dev/sdb1  can vary. I just hit ‘dmesg’ and saw that there was a 3GiB device connected on
[sdb]. Be careful not to eject your other disks :)
You may have to have root access to do this, if so, try: sudo eject /dev/sdb1

In the end of ‘dmesg’ you should see this after you connect the kindle:

scsi 5:0:0:0: Direct-Access Kindle Internal Storage 0100 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
sd 5:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0
sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk
sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] 6410688 512-byte logical blocks: (3.28 GB/3.05 GiB)
sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through
sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through

This was on my RHEL 6 – Red Hat workstation. The syntax is the same for Ubuntu so it sounds more like a Linux thing than a distribution specific thing. Of course you might also be able to do it graphically – depending on your window manager.


Also did some reading with it in the sofa and in the bed and it’s just perfect. Thinking that maybe when I’m at home I don’t need the cover – which would make it less heavy – which is good when lying down.

Fantasy Book Review – Steven Erikson – Dust of Dreams

Dust of Dreams

Dust of Dreams

Grabbed this book a week or two ago and have been steadily pulling myself through it. Not done yet, some 300 pages left. I have crappy memory so if I write down what’s going on right now, maybe that will help me remember the book later :)

It is the 9th book in the series (there are other novellas before, in between these if you look at things chronologically) and it’s happening at the same time as Toll the Hounds and it’s in a ‘pair’ with The Crippled God – the fabled last book of the series.

Beware – this post contains spoilers. If you haven’t read the previous works in this series you probably shouldn’t keep on reading.

I like that whenever people see me reading an Erikson book they always say wow it’s so big and then their jaws drop when I say it’s the 9th in the series :p
Some of the books do feel longer than others, it all depends what is happening, perhaps if there are long stretches in the book about characters that I don’t like or feel a ‘connection’ to, the book will feel longer.

Moving on – closer to topic:

The Akrynnai vs. Barghast war in this book I don’t feel much for and I’m kind of relieved now when it appears to be coming to a conclusion (some 300 pages left). Maybe that’s because I hope the Malazans will do something. Or maybe this will start making more sense in the 2nd book.

There was a lot about the Bonehunters in the beginning of the book but pretty soon they set out on a march – and there’s not much about the march – as there’s been quite a lot about that in the previous books I can understand why there’s less of it, not that I particularly like it. Things like scorpion matches/bets and the dark humor might be what I like best, majestic battles do get a bit boring/repetitive? Or maybe have I also turned into one of the veterans in the Bonehunters? Been there, done that, “just get on with it for feck sake”.

The other groups I do actually enjoy – the Taxilian/Ghost investigation inside that huge mechanism – the snake of children walking in the desert (I actually read longer poems here, which I must admit I usually don’t when they are in the beginning of each chapter, although if I paid more attention that would probably give me more clues as to what is happening). Do you read the poems? Do you ever read poems? Any ideas / tips for how to get my interest up a bit? Please comment or drop me an e-mail :)

Music of the day 22th of June (vinyl café edition)

My favorite English language radio-show is the Vinyl Café with Stuart McLean. It’s a CBC radio show and the hosts travel around Canada (and now also US) having live shows, live music, stories sent in by listeners and also their own stories of course. I guess you could say it’s a show with stories, often fun ones.

I first stumbled onto it when sitting on the bus from Vancouver to Calgary, in the middle of the night I woke up in a valley near Banff. I was on my way across Canada by myself. It was one of the shows when the crew travels across Canada on the train – where they have live shows on the train but also speaking with people on the train, asking for their stories. Reflection about traveling, stuff like that. Of course I was caught and have been listening to almost every week’s podcast since then (summer 2008). Apparently there are many other shows but

The music they play is most of the time by independent musicians (monetary reasons I believe) so what you here are often eeexcellent live music. More often the music is singer songwriter style (one person) but sometimes a little band comes on the show and gives a great performance.

When I get to plan a visit to Canada I will try to go see one of these live shows :)

Today I’m listening to the 4th June episode

Luke Doucet and Melissa McLelland sang some duets. Just pure beautiful.


This is from a post on the ITRC forum, I will copy it into here because the forum are moving soon and you never know if the links will work or not :) Also I do want to immortalize it.

Title: Is it just me? Or does everything required a fw update?

Begins with some posts with some people never having any problems and some people who have had. Then gregersenj posted what I have pasted below, which is just a very honest and in my opinion accurate view of daily IT life. It may not be what others want to hear, maybe especially the people paying for the IT-services. But I believe nobody understands the whole picture in an IT-system. You may believe a lot but for everybody there are some areas that you don’t understand completely. Like drivers, kernel, just as an example.

Jun 18, 2011 13:24:53 GMT    Unassigned

Frustration allways come from 2 reasons.
1. Lack of knowledge.
2. “Religion”
1 often lead to 2.
And that lead to Frustration. 

Things to realize:
There’s no 100% uptime.
There’s nothing bug free.
There’s allways a risk.

Ralize the aboave, and learn how stuff works.

I don’t got a lot of knowledge on the Itanium/PA risc systems.
But, on some RX26xx model(s) you mst enable the embedded smart array controller from the EFI.

OA and ILo is a on-line, non-disruptive upgrades. A backup of the OA configuration is recommended, just in case.

Interconnect modules can be upgraded on-line. On-line FW upgrades neee a reboot to activate new FW.
VCSU upgrade modules, then reboot them 1 by 1.
Do you trust your enviroment?
Do you want to take the risk?

Yes, the blade must be powered off to activate a profile.
I don’t know why, but I believe that the engineers have a good reason.

I will recommend you to create a FW anf Driver base line, and ensure, that you are allways within supportet release sets.

Most release notes do say upgrade at earliest convinience.

I learn new stuff every day, and the more I learn, the less knowledge I blieve that I have.

Theory is:
It don’t work, but we know why.
Real life is:
It work, but we don’t know why.

Wish you a lot of fun learning, and hope you get less frustratet.


PostgreSQL upgrade – compressed dumpfile

Why does a PostgreSQL upgrade require an export, uninstall, install and then import of the database?
That big changes in the database?

It would be nice to know how to import from a compressed archive, anybody ever got this working? If so, please leave a comment! I’ve been googling my behind off but hasn’t located one yet. And the pg_restore manual says it should be able to handle archives in the non-plain text format.

pg_dumpall |gzip > dumpall.gz

neither of these worked afterward the remove, install and initdb:
pg_restore -Fc dumpall.gz
pg_restore dumpall.gz

In the end I just decompressed the file and ran:
psql -f dumpall

It would be nice to do because then you don’t have to have as much free space available. The gzip compression took the filesize down to 1G for an 8G dumpall.

P6000 Firmware & Command View

The P6000 firmware XCS 10000000 is out, or has been for a while now.
You can find it on or the link above.

The Command View 9.4 release notes are here.

Extra nice stuff (besides the obvious ones like new hw support):

  • HDD upgrades via management module / ABM
  • Disk Drive Remote Power cycling (apparently works after 09500000?)
  • Thin Provisioning (requires extra license but with the P6300/6500 it comes with the normal CV license)
  • Online migrations (change vraid lvl or disk group without impacting i/o – cool)
  • Manage it over FCoE (so via an MPX200 for example)
  • EVA3000/5000 events not propogated to Windows Event Log – I knew it!
  • SSSU 9.4 – took away the 10s delay when executing commands.

And release notes for the XCS 10M is here.

More hw stuff ;)

  • For HSV300 and above
  • P6300 is HSV340 and P650 is HSV360
  • M6612 is LFF (3.5″ disks) and M6625 is SFF (2.5″ disks)
  • So are they smaller than the EVA8400?
  • Both P6300 and P6500 have a management module (ABM)
  • Events that indicate back-end cabling is incorrect -> NICE
  • Some more SPOF fixes

It’s confusing to read the release notes as it says P6000 everywhere but it refers to all EVAs. Also the older generations like EVA3000/5000 are called P6000!

I also wonder why the P6300/P6500 is named HSV340 and HSV360.
So they’re not better than the EVA6400?

This would put them on or slightly above the EVA6400/HSV400 series level:

“Up to 10 M6612 or M6625 are supported with the P6300 EVA
up to 20 M6612 or up to 18 M6625 are supported with the P6500 EVA”

In terms of sizing it would make more sense to call them HSV420 and HSV440 or something like that :)

On this page it says active/active on the redundancy options, but it doesn’t say this on the x400. Does this mean it’s no longer asymmetrical A/A like it was on the previous EVAs?

Last Exam Day

Ever been there after your last exam?

You’ve just started a new job and some time ahead into the job you need to take the plunge, make some big changes, upgrades, something you haven’t done before or just something that has a big impact. Maybe it’s the day you do some actual work.

Maybe it’s like a Game 7 in Stanley Cup?

I like to think so. And I’m trying to prepare for it like that as well. Stay on your toes!
As many contingency plans as possible :)

P.s. Extremely well played Bruins and I do not regret getting up at 3am this morning to watch the game. Also hats off to keeper Thomas.



Music of the Day 13th June (Uncut edition)

Another round of applauds please!

Just got back from the holidays and grabbed a copy of Uncut – Bob Dylan’s 70th Anniversary edition because I had just enough of moneys in that foreign currency to get rid of.

CD kind of sucked though, bunch of happy birthday songs. The songs didn’t sound like Bob Dylan but then again, neither does Bob Dylan so who am I to complain?

Some good stuff:

The Monochrome Set  – Espresso : Great stuff. Apparently bands like Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths sound a lot like them. I would agree. Also they are from the 80s so they were before everybody! Yay. Original? Can’t tell but honestly, it sounds pretty good. Good tempo, occasionally sad voice on the singer and some happy guitar solos. I’m there.

Ringo Starr is apparently famous, I liked the interview with him, he sounds like a happy person even though he was in the Beatles and did(present tense?) drugs. It’s him and the All Starr band – with lots of great musicians – also he’s a drummer. What’s up with drummers? They seems to last forever. Music is poppy.

Cornershop (Brimful of Asha – do you remember?) – there is/was a religious Sihk in the band – cool! So that song was about the love for vinyls. Be sure to check out some of their other songs, there are some really cool remixes with their songs.


Numbers in Finnish

What I found/find really hard was separate kahdeksan and yhdeksän, because cmon, they are pretty similar!

English – basic – genitivi

One – yksi – yhden
Two – kaksi – kahden
Three – kolme – kolmen
Four – neljä – neljän
Five – viisi – viiden
Six – kuusi – kuuden
Seven – seitsemän – seitsemän
Eight – kahdeksan – kahdeksan
Nine – yhdeksän – yhdeksän
Ten – Kymmenen – kymmenän

But then I got this great tip the other day:

yhdeksän on yksi minus kymmenen
nine is one minus ten

kahdeksan on kaksi minus kymmenen
eight is two minus ten
And as I hope you can see, the genitive form of the numbers one and two are basically what is the beginning of nine and eight!

Happy numbering!