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Brocade Analyst and Technology Day 2012

I’ve been invited by Brocade to their Brocade Analyst and Technology Day 2012!

It’s in San José, California and it’s going to be a blast to get over to the US again, it’s been a while.

In anticipation of possible future blog posts I just want to let you know that I’m not getting paid for this – Brocade are paying for flights/hotel though.

More details about the day can be found on facebook and there’s an agenda here.

It’s also possible to register and view the event via the Internets. Will it be broadcasted on this URL perhaps? Strange page, just empty with a sky background.

With talks from soon-to-be ex-CEO (new CEO being announced?) and veep of Data Center Networking Group Jason Nolet about new innovations for fabrics it looks interesting indeed.


Time to suit up :)

Brocade Accredited Server Specialist – BASP

I’m currently preparing for yet another accreditation, the previous one I took was the BADCS,

The BASP (Brocade Accredited Server Specialist) appear to focus on the server side. Things like:

  • how to install drivers
  • HBA management tools
  • describe features
  • how to run diagnostics

This accrediation has the most questions of all the current ones, but it has the same amount of time allotted (one hour) so this exam will have a lot less time available for each question.

The curriculum for this accreditation are also free, they are called Introduction to HBA and Introduction to CNA. There’s also some docs about the 1860 Fibre Adapter. They can be found on Brocade’s Saba/training website under


// Update 20140422: This accrediation has been replaced with something else. See the current list here:

Brocade Accredited Data Center Specialist – BADCS


Time to study for another one :) Working my way towards the “Data Center Track”. To complete it it would be enough for me to complete 5 accreditations.

This one has a pretty cool name – BADCS!

I haven’t tried one of these Accredited exams before, but as far as I can tell:

  • Cheap: only 20$ USD
  • The exam is web based, no need to find a test center, you can do it exactly when you want to.
  • Accreditations do not expire
  • You don’t _have_ to take the course in the prerequisites before taking the exam, but it is recommended :)

Also, for this Accreditation the pre-requisite is the FC-101 course on brocade’s SABA page – and it’s free!

– The BADCS exam consists of 38 questions and lasts 60 minutes
– To pass this exam you must get a score of 71% or better 

So that’s about 27 correct out of 38 questions.

The objectives are on this page.

The only part I was initially not entirely sure about is the “Given a scenario, describe when portlog dumps are required”. The objectives indicate that a Fibre Channel theory knowledge is necessary, so the FC-101 course seems like a very good idea to study. I doubt many people remember specific FC mechanisms/theory if they don’t work with these occasionally. Like the well-known addresses – who remembers the address of the name-server or controller? =)

My general tip for the BADCS: Learn the material of the FC-101 course. Really. Learn. it.

You may be tricked into thinking that Brocade’s accrediations are easy because you can do them from home.

Exchanging Foreign Drivers License for a Finnish One

Today I applied to exchange my Swedish driver’s license for a Finnish one.

This is because after two years in Finland the foreign is not valid anymore. is the main resource for information.

The Finnish page has a bit more information than both the Swedish and the English one.

Some tips:

  • The two photographs can be color and they should probably follow the passport restrictions (at least that’s what the link on the Finnish page indicates)
  • Bring your passport to the Police, not only the driver’s license.
  • On my account detailing that I’ve driven in Finland I just wrote when I’ve rented car in Finland, which rental companies I used and name/contact details/signature of two witnesses and me.
  • Gather some patience, Police told me today (August 2012) that it takes a long time, maybe 10 weeks or more. So if your license is about to expire, apply in time. You get to keep your drivers license until you go pick up the Finnish one.
  • They don’t tell you when it’s ready – you need to call or go to the station and ask..
  • The doctor’s certificate you can get from a public health station or from a private, most likely a lot less waiting with a private one.