BCFA – Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 16G Beta

I am currently going for the BCFP – fabric professional – exam, but I did the BCFA 6 months ago so I’ll re-read the material and of course there’s the new stuff with FOS 7, new hardware, 16g, new ASIC that I should probably learn as well. Some new stuff ‘fabric name’ is a new […]

Brocade Certified Professional Data Center Track – Check!

After ~49 posts on this blog on the topic Brocade the first larger block is finally complete: the¬†Brocade Certified Professional Data Center Track (BCPDC)! What’s that? So Brocade has several (4) tracks which consist of ¬†certifications/accrediations, some are shared between the tracks and some are only in one track. Currently, after completing 3 out of […]

BCFP 16G : Post-Exam

OK, did the exam. Took 2.5 hours. It felt like I was plowing through them pretty fast but after some 80-questions the speed dropped significantly and I started to have trouble focusing. Short unfocus/try to think about something else , stand up a bit helped. This test wasn’t as nerve-wrecking for me as the BCFA […]

BCFP – How to prepare for the exam

Until now I’ve been just reading the material, when there’s something unclear in the material I’ve looked it up in command reference guides, release notes, user guides or otherwise on the Intertubes. This doesn’t really prepare you for the format the exam is in. I mean the exam is in questions and the answers are […]

BCFP – Brocade Certified Fabric Professional 16G Beta Exam

More studying. Only a month and a half to go. Currently repeating/re-reading BCFA stuff and mostly focusing on the new stuff. Expect to do this this whole week but gradually weave in more BCFP stuff. An idea – I don’t think I need to re-hearse the BCFA that much. The objectives between the two exams […]

BCFP 16G Beta Exam Material

After the announcement of the available material Fabric OS 7.0.0a has been released. On the page http://community.brocade.com/docs/DOC-2041 only the first revision of the 7.0 release notes is available. The BCFA 16G beta course material is also available, probably a good idea to read up on both and do a little rehearsing. The old attachments are […]


A collection of my favorite articles on this blog. Storage Upgrade firmware on Brocade SAN switches. Learning Storage HP’s EVA P6000 Simulator Access Gateway¬†definitions Networking https://www.guldmyr.com/blog/air-lap1142n-e-k9-to-autonomous-mode-adventure/ Linux + VMWare Workstation How to get the VM on your LAN. EyeOS 1.x in a VM (also lengthy part about ntpd) Ubuntu: Ubuntu 11 in VMWare Workstation Ubuntu […]