Finnish – Word Cases – Locative (expressing place)

Part one of this article – describing the Cases expressing Grammatical Functions.
Part three: Others
Part four: Non-productive

Locative cases (expressing place) – internal locations (in)


Meaning/function: in, inside, etc (STA)
Ending: -ssa/ -ssä
Example: hotelissa, puolessa, tunnissa
I am in the/a hotel now. – Olen nyt hotellisa.

I will be in the restaurant in half an hour. – Olen puolessa tunnissa ravintolassa.


Meaning/function: from, out of (DYN), as a complement of some verbs
Ending: -sta / -stä
Example: hotellista
Examples: I am leaving the hotel now. – Lähden nyt hotellista.


Meaning/function: into, to, etc (DYN) as a complement of some verbs
Ending: -Vn; –hVn
Example: hotellin
I just came into the hotel. – Minä tulin juuri hotellin.
I immediately took a liking to this hotel. – Ihastuin tähän hotelliin heti.

Locative cases (expressing place) – external locations (on)


Meaning/function: on (STA), instrument, possession, (dative) time
Ending: -lla/ -llä
Example: kadulla, taksilla, minulla, illalla/talvella

I’ll wait on the street. – Odotan kadulla.
I’ll come by taxi. – Tulen taksilla.
I have a car. – Minulla on auto.
I’ll come in the evening/in the winter. – Tulen illalla/talvella.


Meaning/function: from (DYN) source
Ending: -lta/ -ltä
Example: kadulta, johtajalta
The bus leaves from this street. – Bussi lähtee tälta kadulta.
I heard it from the manager. – Kuulin sen johtajalta.


Meaning/function: onto (DYN), to, etc. Recipient.
Ending: -lle
Example: Kadulle, hänelle
The bus comes to this street. – Bussi tulee tälle kadulle.
I’ll tell him (that). – Kerron sen hänelle.

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