How to get an update when a blog has gotten a new post

Hello and welcome to my blog :)

If you want to get an update whenever there is a new post you can subscribe (for free of course) to an RSS feed. This feed is a small page in .XML format that gets updated whenever a post is added on

Does it sound a little complicated? – It does not have to be!

What I found amazing about this is that most webpages have a feed, so you can put all your favorite sites in an RSS-reader, and then you just load this reader and it will tell you if any of your pages has any new posts!

Feeds of my categories – I think this might be a good idea because I tend to write about many things.

The storage category is focusing on storage, SAN and data networks.
The Finland category is about anything that is not about IT.
The IT category will is about the rest of IT :) –  This one has all included.

Google Reader
Personally I use google reader – to view the RSS.
Pro’s: Works from my android phone from the built-in web browser, works from any computer with Internet access, all it takes is for me to log in to the address above with my gmail account. Automatic translations of feeds, tags, sharing and more.
Con’s: I haven’t actually tried any other. :)


  1. Point your web browser to:
  2. Click on “Add a subscription”
  3. Add one of my RSS feeds – for example – and click on add.
  4. Done!

Now every time you log on you will see a number next to the name of the feed which shows how many new posts there has been since last time. To read them just click on them.
It is possible to use keyboard shortcuts in google reader too:

j -> next post
k -> previous post
u -> enables/disables the menu on the left part of the screen

There are more short cuts buts those are the only ones I use.

To find the RSS feed faster, you can in many pages go to your bookmarks menu and click on “subscribe” – this will open your RSS reader and attempt to put the RSS feed in there – remember, it doesn’t cost you anything :)

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