Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 2

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I’m going to try to put ubcd on an old USB pen I have, lots easier than burning a CD/DVD. Which I may not even have. It’s an old Jens of Sweden 1GB mp3-player, that doesn’t start unless plugged in a USB-port..

On the UBCD (you can mount this on  your pc) there is a tool under x:\ubcd\tools\win32\ubcd2usb

Open a command prompt on your PC type:

  • x:
  • cd ubcd/tools/win32/ubcd2usb
  • ubcd2usb.cmd CDROM: USBDRIVE: (like ubcd2usb.cmd D: E:)

Then you need to put in the USB-pen, boot your computer. Check BIOS and put USB drive at the top.

Turns out I have forgotten my thinkpad supervisor password.. So that is a no-no because apparently to reset that I need to do some soldering. Also there is only a CDRW-drive, and I do not have an empty CD to burn, only DVDs :/

PXE boots is also an option, but this looks incredibly difficult. It probably isn’t (should be just DHCP and tftp server, but gotta make floppy boot disks, etc).

But, got a hold of my lovely laptop, boots up WinXP just fine. Going to patch it now and keep it going for a while running something, we’ll see if it crashes or not. Maybe it is OK?

Next post in this series will be published on the 18th of April. That one is about installing Ubuntu on the Thinkpad T40!

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