Moving to Finland

Things you need to do when moving to Finland :)

I will be updating this article every now and then.

Updated 2011-02-24 – More info about Kela / how it turned out for me.
Updated 2011-04-03 – More info about jobs.
Updated 2013-12-15 – Minor updates.

I moved from Sweden so some things are probably a little different if you’re coming from another EU-country or they definately are if you’re from outside EU.

Apply for jobs!

Besides those, there are quite a few other recruitment sites. These are IT specific though:

But, I’m quite non-optimistic when it comes to looking for a job in Finland. Especially in IT. It feels like I got lucky. I was advised by the unemployement office to try to work in a Swedish-speaking “Eftis” – like a place for kids after school.

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