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Command View EVA is HP’s web based management tool for their EVA/P6000 products.
It’s been looking the same for quite some time except the quite old ones. It’s simple to use compared to other management softwares but sure it has its limitations too. It’s not based on JAVA anyway :)


Run the install file, this extracted the files but then it said something about it not being correctly installed. I then went to the folder and started the install manually. This completed after a while. After this:

To run it in Windows 7 x64:

Go to start menu -> accessories -> right-click on Command Prompt -> choose “run as Administrator”.

In there type:
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP P6000 EVA Simulator\evasim

Then hit:
wait for it to complete

Then hit:

Which will start the simulation services and open a web browser (IE for me even if Firefox is default). It looks like it works fine in Firefox 7 too – just surf to . There is no password required when logging in manually.

IE9 will complain about certificate, say that you agree and then you’re in!


Well, this is where you learn how to do the things in Command View.

For example, create a vdisk, create a replication group, try out continuous access (data replication) and business copy (snapshots, clones). It’s really like the real deal except that probably the error logs aren’t there and you can’t really present any disks to a host. But you can do everything simulated anyway :)

The firmware in the simulator is 10000090 (or CD1528lesl-10000090 ) on HSV300. A pre-release of the XCS firmware? Also the 6100/8100 EVAs in the simulator is on 6.220 – why not on 6.240?

Also do try the SSSU it is installed here C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP P6000 EVA Simulator\evasim\cveva and it works. So you can try scripting, try out scripts before you actually run them in your production system and stuff like that.

Even cvutil is installed. In the same directory as SSSU, just hit ‘cvutil paths’ for example to see the paths your machine has to the EVAs.

To shut down the simulator you can type ‘exit’ in the command windows that are opened by the software. Or just hit CTRL+C or the X in the window :)

61 thoughts on “P6000 – EVA – Command View Simulator

  1. fauzi

    I installed the simulator, but when open the browser is necessary a login name and password. Do you know the login name and password?

  2. guldmyr Post author

    Hi! Maybe this has changed. What version of the simulator did you install? Did you run it as an administrator? Try logging on with your login details on your computer.

  3. Fauzi

    guldmyr, I resolved this problem about login name and password. I installed EVA Simulator 10.0. What Did I do to work? I did created a group called “HP Storage Admins” and after created an user called CV and password set to P@ssw0rd. When execute start_bundle.bat in command prompt will open the “Internet Explorer”, after in the field “Login name” put CV and password P@ssw0rd.

  4. guldmyr Post author

    Hi! Nice that that works in the simulator too, that’s how you give access to the ‘real deal’.
    You could also have put your normal account in that group.

  5. Shwver

    Thanks a ton! The install steps explained in this article are not there in the read me file with P6000 simulation. I wasn’t able to launch CV..it used to give me an IE(IE 9) error and my browser stopped working each time i started the P6000 simulation.I think hp should add the above steps in the read me file too. BTW P6000 Simulation looks gr8 !

    1. guldmyr Post author

      You’re welcome!

      I’m glad you got it working. It is pretty awesome for learning and trying things out (especially continuous access stuff which are quite hard to get a test setup for).

  6. Nagendra

    Hi All,

    I installed P6000 simulator, But not able to login as i don’t know the login details. I tried my computer login, but still not working. In this forum there is some detail about to create group and account for cv login, but i did not understand that how to do.

    Any help in this will be useful for me

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  8. Kurt Grootjans

    There is a doc included in the download. Basically you need to create a local user account called CV and create a local user group called: HP Storage Admins. Add the user to the group and login with the password you created yourself.
    Worked fine for me.

  9. Sometimesinger

    Version 10.0 is yet again different.
    You will need to create a local group and add users that are allowed to use it.

    The default group is hostname_MG.

    By example, my host is named EVA-SIM, my group is named EVA-SIM_MG.

    I added my administrator@domain.com and administrator@eva-sim as well as my own login to this local group.

    Stopped and restarted the simulator, and then I could login.

  10. Marco

    Hello All,

    Just to comment my experience in case it helps somebody.

    I downloaded version, after extract the file I tried to install runing the .msi file but didn’t work, something about a problem with Windows Installer and a script that didn’t run. So what I did is open a command prompt windows AS ADMINISTRATOR
    After install and run the .bat the IE windows opens asking me log in name and password, I tried my local account, my domain account and didn’t work. Then I create the group specified in the field “Management Group:” computername_MG and add my local and domain account and still didn’t work so I follow what Kurt Grootjans says above and created the “HP Storage Admins” group and add the accounts that I need to log in, after this I stop all services with the stop_all.bat and started again and it works, I could login with the credential of the account added in the HP Storage Admins group.

  11. pankaj

    hi guldmyr,

    Whenever I start hp p6000 it opens internet explorer with error msg “xf application has stopped workin” Im not able to fix it. how to fix this problem.

    1. guldmyr Post author

      Hi. Please provide a more detailed description of your system, versions and at what step you are in the install.

  12. pankaj

    I have windows 7 ultimate os,4 GB ram, 750 Gb hard drive ,300 gb in system drive , EVA Simulator 10.0, p6000 is completely installed.
    Installation is fully complete, wenever i open start HP P6000 3 windows open with command prompt, and IE opens with above error msg, I cant get into the login page bcoz it says “Xf application is not working” , My IE is version 9 .
    I have created Hp Storage Admin directory and in that user cv, but i cant go to login page .

  13. pankaj

    CCB: .\util\binarylogfile.cpp 138 Failed to open logfile: C:\Program Files (x86)
    \Hewlett-Packard\HP P6000 EVA Simulator\evasim\simulator\trace\simulator_trace-1
    14:04:07.015564, sim, 8140, 8136, 0, Service, 483, ***************************

  14. pankaj

    this is msg that is there in command prompt. Another command prompt window gets close when i close “rf error msg” window and third command prompt window cant read anything bcoz its scrolling down very fast (matrix like).

    1. guldmyr Post author

      OK. Are you running the software as an administrator?

      Next step would be to figure out a way to read what’s in that ‘matrix style’ window.

      Perhaps you can open a command prompt and start the simulator/.bat file that way. Direct the output to a file somehow.

  15. pankaj

    Application Name: xf.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4e430520
    Fault Module Name: MSVCR90.dll
    Fault Module Version: 9.0.30729.4940
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4ca2ef57
    Exception Code: 40000015
    Exception Offset: 0005beae
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 16393
    Additional Information 1: a8de
    Additional Information 2: a8dead12196886849c3f1ea1c5c120d4
    Additional Information 3: 1a7a
    Additional Information 4: 1a7acbf798dc81d8172b9c4a9a2c0d25

    Read our privacy statement online:

  16. umar

    Hi, I have version 10. I am getting “Failed to login .Insufficient previliges” can you help out on this. i have added the CV user to HP storage admins & Hostname_MG groups.

  17. umar

    Widows XP. also I am keep on getting the certificate error. even i had installed the certificate as mentioned in the HELP

  18. umar

    i am getting this error as well “the name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site”

    this error come when opening the https:\\localhost:2374 in IE

  19. umar

    Hi Pankaj,

    i got the same error XF stopped working. open the CMD prompt as administrator and run the start_bundle.bat from the path Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP P6000 EVA Simulator\evasim>. it will work

  20. pankaj

    Hi guldmyr,
    What is the criteria for principal switch selection in case earlier principal switch goes down, what is the built in logic for its selection, is it dependent on domain_id or any other criteria?

  21. guldmyr

    Does it matter?
    AFAIK the principal switch don’t do much anyway..

    I believe the answer to this is somewhere in the BCFA course material.

  22. viswanadha reddy

    i have installed HP P6000 EVA simulator 10.0 in my windows 7 enterprise version. the time when i opened the simulator it is asking for username and password. i tried with all possibilities but it is showing failed to log in. even i started it as run as administrator. Please help me out of this. and how to create these groups and all as mentioned in above comments.

    Thanks in advance

  23. nanda kumar

    hi pankaj..
    can you please explain how u resolved this’xf application error’.. i gone through all the comments above and tried all the procedures shared above.. still unable to install cveva.. kindly suggest…

  24. sgonzalez

    umar, it works, thx. My problem was the same, it didn’t open after reset my pc (Win7 Prof in vmware wkst). The solution “open the CMD prompt as administrator and run the start_bundle.bat ..” is good.
    Another important trick, operating system has to be installed in ENGLISH, in spanish doesn’t work.

  25. Saurabh

    Hi Guldmyr,

    How to create/add a’ HP Storage Users’ Group user login (Members having view capability only) in P6000-CV EVA ?
    I’m already using P6000-CV EVA simulator using Management Group (HP Storage Admins) User login(i.e- CV). Thanks in advance…

  26. Shekhar

    Fatal error, could not find file setup_cv_env.bat
    This error found during installation. Can someone please help?

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  28. rohan

    pls let me know whether internet connection is reqd to use this simulator . How to use it without a internet connection

  29. pankaj

    Hey Rohan! Internet connection is not required for the above simulator, instead install Microsoft loopback adapter in the system, and simulator will work fine.

  30. Niksavoy

    Hi all.
    If this is not death treat i `ill like to ask :

    Problem :
    I managed to install and run successfully for 30 -40 min.
    After i tried 2-d start i get error:
    No valid simulator license in config DIRETORY ( with error in the word)
    I manage to log-in but i don`t see any storage in the CV-simulation

    I`v tried this on domain laptop – same
    on workgroup home PC – same problem

    Any help will be great !

  31. Newt

    – start HP EVA simulator in year 2011 (change date)
    – when started, do nothing. just change the date to 2013 again.
    – then refresh the browser and install MG certificate (if you didn’t already)
    – that’s it!

  32. Niksavoy


    You`r geniuses dude :)

    Work like an charm :)
    I`v being struggle with this for 3 days ……
    Thank you !

  33. tejas

    This folder contains uninitialized P6000 storage systems. Before you can manage storage on these systems, they must be initialized

    i am getting this message .

    So not able to see the storage network . please let me know how to configure the simulator so that i can use it

  34. Emily

    I have installes HP EVA 6000 simulator ,I have created uthentication credentials,but when I open the software ,click the configure under PA,click the quick setup storage system then click next ,The page show no HP P6000 Command Views added And I already shut down the firewall.

  35. rpshan

    Hi All,

    I have HP EVA P6K installed on W7, unable to login I have tried above all steps..No joy can any one lit up.

    Thanks in Adv.

  36. triplea

    (1) The documentation for the simulator can be found at https://h20392.www2.hp.com/portal/swdepot/displayProductInfo.do?productNumber=P6000EVASimulator

    (2) There are 6 versions of Windows 7. I have the Home Premium but could not get the simulator to work. I think that the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions will work. The challenge is that you need to be able to create new groups.

    (3) I created a VMWare machine and installed an evaluation Windows 2008 R2. My EVA simulator worked fine and so did SSSU.

    (4) I had unpacked, installed and logged in to EVA simulator (see comments by Sometimesinger and also from Marco).

    (5) Started the simulator using the desktop icons that were created. The simulator will try to open a link in Internet Explorer. I had problem with I.E and Firefox but Chrome was fine.

    (6) SSSU – Run SSSU as instructed above. At the MANAGER prompt put the systemname of your machine, if the management group that appeared in the eva gui is systemname_MG.

    The username prompt is CV. After entering the password you should get the SSSU prompt.

  37. pankaj


    I am trying to run simulator in windows 8 enterprise , it is not happening.


    -Unable to get login screen whenever I start simulator either from shortcut in desktop or thought CLI by running setup_cv and then start_all batch script.
    – IE 10 it is showing error “this page cannot be displayed.”
    URL: https://localhost:2374/
    -In Chrome it is showing “this webpage is not available”
    – tried uninstalling and reinstalling the hp p6000 eva,
    – extracted licenses file in config directory.
    – every process is running in Builtin Administrator profile.

    Any one has any idea. Why login screen is not coming ?

    1. guldmyr Post author

      Hi Pankaj!

      Is the user CV the one you are logged in as too?


      Windows 8 is not listed in there so might not work. I have not tried it at least, perhaps somebody else following this post have tried and can comment.
      But if you want to give it a try, look in the output of the windows of the batch scripts. Perhaps there is a clue in there?

      First step for finding errors would be to look in the output of the

  38. polo

    Hi all,

    it says port 7112 is being used by another application. How can i fix this?


  39. polo

    Hi guldmyr,

    I already did that but the moment i stop the application. that port would be taken by another apps.?


  40. alireza

    hey dude
    here’s my problem
    at first i got that no valid certificate thingy, changed the date, no IE comes up, but shows nothing, no error no nothing, just keep loading
    what’s wrong with it?
    also another question, do you have any guide on emc client as well? can’t make it work either :(

  41. alli

    please assist me, i have install hp p6000 command view 10.0 successfully and i was able to enter the environment buy no storage system available their, i try to discover storage system and i couldn’t find any storage to continue with the simulation.Please assist me with how i can resolve this issue

  42. nilesh

    hi Team
    I have installed eva simulator but not able to login.can anybody help me for this

  43. mehdi

    no storage systems are visible from this instance of hp p6000 simulator command view for any of the following reasons


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