Book Review – The Hunter’s Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore – Part 2

Part 1

As you may have figured out, I sincerely doubt I will ever read another R.A. Salvatore – unless somebody tells me it’s worth it and points to another series/trilogy. Thus part 2 will contain the last time I mention this book except for the title: It is in the process of being returned to the library.

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Ahhhh, funny. Very very English. In a little weird way it is actually good to know a little bit about the M25 and M40 outside London.. . Besides that just lean back and enjoy the ride! It’s pretty “simple”(not if you count the twists) and explanatory which is nice for a non-English person.

In opposition to The Discworld series by T. Pratchett Good Omens is not so much fantasy as it’s set on Earth with a crystallization of some religious functions. Maybe crystallization is not the best words, I’m trying to say that they are more visible. Anyway.

As of this I have not actually finished it yet but I have grand intentions to do so within the next couple of days. Primarily because I have gotten a tip for a book to read!

And this from the same person who introduced me to Stephen Erikson and the Malazan Series.

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