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Resepti: Tortellini Casserole

  • 2x tortellini 250g
  • 1x kirsikka tomaatia
  • 1x tomaatia murska yrtejä
  • 1x ruokakerma 10%
  • 1x feta juusto
  • suola ja pippuri

Miksata kerma, tomaatimurska ja mausteet. Kaada sose formille jossa on jo tortellinia ja tomaatia. fetajuusto päällä. Uunille 200 ℃ ~18min.

Versiolle kaksille: ehkä parempi rikottajuusto, penaati ja ilman tomaatimurska?

Resepti: Lapsi Kana & Lohi Porkkana Bataatti

Ota pakasti lohta pakastimesta.

  • 3 bataatia
  • 1 palsternakkaa
  • 3 porkkanaa
  • 1 sopuli
  • 2 valkosipulinkyntä

Laita kaikki kahteen kattilaan. Joka painee noin 800g. Vesimäärä tarvitset on ‘niin paljon että se menee yli ruoan’. Keitä ruoka.

Kun se in valmis laita 400g lohta yhteen kattilaan ja 400g kanaa toiseen.

Resepti: Puuro


3dl vettä ja 3dl maitoa. Vispata ja kun höyry tulee ottaa lämmöt allas. Laitta 4x 3/4dl (12/4 vai 3dl) hiutaleita (esim kaurasta tai neljänviljasta) skuupat. Kun on melkein valmis lämmöt pois ja lautta suola.

Laittaa puuron kulhoihin, laitta voita keskellä ja silloin sokeria.

Tadaa :)

Resepti: Kana Caesar

Croutons : Uniin päällä. Laitta pakastettuna leipä mikroaaltouuniin ja lämmitävät. Leikkaa ja laitaa uunilevylle. Miksata öljyllä ja valkosipulilla. Odottaa.

Majoneesi : 1dl rypsiöljy. Yhden kanamuna (ei rikkitää) ja vähän sinappi. Käytää sauvamixeri(sauvasekoitin on oikea sana) . Laitta pieni kulhoon ja lisätä valkosipulii ja suola.

Salaatti: pieni tomaattia, salaatti, yksi avokaado, 400g kanaafilee vaan suolattu. Paistaa kanaa viimeistä ja kun se on valmis laitta croutonit uuniin muutama minuuttia.

Tarjota parmeggiano pöydällä.

Tadaa :)

Reseptit: Avokado pasta


Ohjeet: Hakata yhden keltainen sipuli. Laita kattilaan öljyllä. Miksata turkalainen jogurtti ja kaksi avokadoa. Suolata runsaasti ja vähän mustapippuria. Laitta vesi päällä spaghetille.

Avokado sipulille. Rakastaa puoli parmeggiano levy ja laitta melkein kaikki kattilaan. Ylimäärä pöydälle.

Puristaa puoli sitruuna kattilaan. Kun on lämmin se on valmis. Viimeistä Spaghetti kattilaan. Tsekkaa jos lisää suola ja pippuri on tarvetavissa.

Resepti: ChilliFetaPasta



  • Fetajuustoa levy 200g
  • 180g spaghetti
  • 1 chilli / habanero
  • ~ 350g tomaattia
  • Oliiviöljy
  • Suola ja Pippuri

Ohjeet :

Laitta uunin päällä 250C astetta. Feta levy uuniformille, tomaattia ympäri sen. Hakkaa chilli ja laitta juuston päällä. Paljon öljy yli kaikki. Suolata ja pipurita :) 25min uunissa.

Kun vesi on 100C laitta suola ja sen jälkeen spaghettin.

Kun tomaattia on rikki ota formmi uunista ja miksata feta ja chilli. Laitta kaikki yhdessä.

Bon App!

Reseptit: Tuorepuuro Mustikalla


  • Maitorahka (pehmeä) 250g
  • Maito 100g
  • Nesteinen Hunaja 6-10g
  • Pakaste Mustikka 100g
  • Kaurahiutaleita 40g
  • 1 laatikko


Laita mustikoita laatikkoon ja odottaa noin tunti. Sen jälkeen laitta kaikki muut ainesosit laatikkoon ja miksata. Huomata että mustikoita eivät menevät liian rikki kuin haluat. Sulje laatiko ja laitta jääkaapiin yli yö.

Nautista aamulla! – site rename and automatic deployments!

This is a good one!

Previous entries in this series: and

Renamed to

First things first! The website has been renamed to! Nobody in their right mind would type out so now it’s an acronym of wasthereannhlgameyesterday. . Using Sweden .se top level domain because there was an offer making it really cheap :)


Automatic testing and deployment

Second important update is that now we do some automatic testing and deployment.

This is done with where one can view builds, the configuration is done in this file.

In google cloud there’s different versions of the apps deployed. If we don’t promote a version it will not be accessible from (or but via some other URL.

Right now the testing happens like this on every commit:

  1. deploy the code to a testing version (which we don’t promote)
  2. then we run some scripts:
    1. pylint on the python scripts
    2. an end to end test which tries to visit the website.
  3. if the above succeeds we do deploy to master (which we do promote) – fixed – working again!

With NHL 2017-2018 season coming up and I had some extra spare time I thought why not finally fix this great website again :)

As NHL changed the layout of their schedule page about two seasons ago – there’s these days “infinite scrolling” or whatever it’s called when the page only loads what you see on the screen. This means it’s a bit difficult to scrape the page (but not impossible).

Lately I’ve been using REST API and JSON data for quite many things – after a short search I managed to find this hidden gem:,schedule.linescore,schedule.broadcasts,schedule.ticket,

Now that’s a link to an API provided by NHL where you get the schedule and you can filter it. I’m not sure what all the parameters do, they’re not all needed. You just need the startDate and endDate. The API also has standings and results. I have not managed to find any documentation for it. Best so far seems to be this blog post.  So I’m not sure about if it’s OK to use it or if there are any restrictions.

p.s. – there is a shorter URL to the main page: – but the commands – like – does not work.

Was there an NHL game last night?

Finnish words from ankidroid

Lately I’ve been using ankidroid to study Finnish – or at least to expand my vocabulary a bit. I think it’s great but it won’t work by itself and requires quite a bit of tenacity.

The good Finnish deck: it’s called “Finnish järjestyksessä”.

It’s made by Rendall and it’s quite good, it took a list of the most common Finnish words (assembled by my company ;)

The deck won’t work by itself though, I get a lot of help by:

  • Get the word in a sentence helps tremendously for learning it. Just learning the words helps a lot, especially if you don’t care so much about using the exact right form. Learning how to use them is also important, and that’s where talking or reading things help.
  • Asking someone for assistance or clarifications about words is important. For example you might have words that are translated to the same word in English but you’d use them differently in Finnish.

Some notes about the contents:

  • Some translations are not awesome or the first word that shows up is the archaic meaning. So for those you’d want to click the edit card and change the meaning to something modern.
  • Some erisnimi words are just fairly useless unless you want to learn a city /person name, like NATO, Salo, Joensuu, Jorma or Jukka. They might have a different meaning besides the city name but they’re rarely/never used for that meaning.


Making changes to the template:

On each card there is this “info” and sometimes hints. I found myself wanting to change the URL to wiktionary on the cards because google chrome didn’t redirect to en.wiktionary org but to which doesn’t exist. It’s quite easy to change this, because that part is done with a template and is not added in each card. To change:

  • synch your decks
  • install anki on your compute
  • login with your account and synch it
  • browse the deck and on the right-hand side you’ll see your decks and the ones you have marked and so on, there’s also a few called “adjektiivi”, “prononimit” and so on. These are the templates.
  • Click on a template and then on the “Cards…” button.
  • This will show “Card 1” and “Card 2”. In the back template you can then change the URL to whatever you want!

Meta Post: Blog is now also mobile friendly!

Update! If you view this blog on an a mobile device with the right user agent (and apparently very few of you do that) there’s now very little white space wasted! It’s not perfect yet but I’m working on it making it nicer. It seems to have some

Now about the normal Hemingway Ex theme, I like it. But there’s a lot of unused white areas when on 1920×1080 (17% of visitors – also the one I use ;) 

So I tweaked the stylesheets to make some sections thinner and some wider. Don’t like it? Please let me know in the comment section below.

P.s. Developer Tools in web browser are full of awesome! Trying to find the right CSS section to edit would have been mental without it.
P.s2. Just to be clear, the Blog was not hostile towards mobile users before.

Post Frisco

  • Bicycle up to and over a fog covered Golden Gate bridge, pretty awesome downhills!
  • Eaten at a relative’s french gourmet food (not expensive!) – it’s name is: sous beurre. It is up on 24th mission street together with a cafe called sugarlump.
  • Went to great coffee place called: Sightglass Coffee. Real, good coffee with flavour. 
  • Also went for breakfast at an awesome American breakfast by Chinese folks. Don’t think I’ll find it again though :) I may want to give it a try ;) It was Golden!
  • Lots of walking around the hills, no car chases yet though.
  • Many other conferences happen here, quite often it seems. For example Intel’s IDF which was over yesterday and saleforce’s cloud computing (next week).

Trip to San Francisco

Made it through flights and security checkpoints and buses and trains!

Next time I’m going on this long flight it woud be awesome to actually bring tooth paste and tooth brush in the hand luggage. Also possibly some own food in case the air plane food is not so awesome. And some water :) Besides that the hoodie, sleeping/eye covers, scarf and Kindle and head phones were enough.

Weather is way better here than in Helsinki :) Pretty cool to get to see Greenand from above with no clouds, also Yukun is pretty impressive. But the farmlands of USA are pretty cool too – so structured and organized.

So what’s a good way to get rid of jet lag? Tomorrow I’l see if a bike ride is it :)

The hostel I’m in is the same as in 2008 when I was here last time  – although this time there’s way more folks hanging out in the “social room” – but all people do is play with their phones and tablest/computers.. maybe because it’s Sunday people chill out a bit more.

Exchanging Foreign Drivers License for a Finnish One

Today I applied to exchange my Swedish driver’s license for a Finnish one.

This is because after two years in Finland the foreign is not valid anymore. is the main resource for information.

The Finnish page has a bit more information than both the Swedish and the English one.

Some tips:

  • The two photographs can be color and they should probably follow the passport restrictions (at least that’s what the link on the Finnish page indicates)
  • Bring your passport to the Police, not only the driver’s license.
  • On my account detailing that I’ve driven in Finland I just wrote when I’ve rented car in Finland, which rental companies I used and name/contact details/signature of two witnesses and me.
  • Gather some patience, Police told me today (August 2012) that it takes a long time, maybe 10 weeks or more. So if your license is about to expire, apply in time. You get to keep your drivers license until you go pick up the Finnish one.
  • They don’t tell you when it’s ready – you need to call or go to the station and ask..
  • The doctor’s certificate you can get from a public health station or from a private, most likely a lot less waiting with a private one.

Finnish Sentences – Kaivopuistu

Disclaimer: I am still studying Finnish and not so good :)

The posts that I’m trying to write here are just a way for me to practice writing Finnish.

Kaivopuisto on iso, vihreä ja meri vieressä. Sisällä ovat puut ja kukat.

Kaivopuisto is big, green and next to the sea. Inside are trees and flowers.


— Turned out this sentence was not the best finnish :) Puistossa and partitivi might be better to use!

My broken amazon kindle :(

During the weekend the screen on my amazon kindle 6″ decided to go partially broken.It happened while it was in my backpack inside a ‘leather cover’ that I also got from amazon at the time of purchase.

Usually with these electronic devices it’s that if the screen breaks you’re on your own / can try to get some help from home insurance. So my hopes were not so high when I sent an e-mail to amazon.

They however just asked me to start a chat or call them. I started a chat because I didn’t feel like calling a US number (although they had apparently some service that they’d call me back too), and got a very quick and efficient response. They just asked me to reboot the device (hold the release thing for 30 seconds).
They’re sending a new one and will let me send back the broken one in the same package and with a pre-paid shipment too!

Hope to get it soon, I feel nekkid without this e-book (or anything to read really), and of course it happened just when things were getting really excited in “A storm of Swords” (part of the “game of thrones” book series)!


Do you print pictures or keep all of them online?
What about if you’ve written a lot of text on some obscure blog on the Intertubez.
What if something happens and you can’t retrieve it?

Maybe this is just because I just started reading a post-apocalypsian book where an EMP just got set off. And it’s making me a bit paranoid.

But I think I need to go print some pictures to ease my mind :)

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty

Time for another ‘do-release-upgrade’!

This took away dwm-tools and suckless-tools (amonger other stuff). This means that META+p does not work anymore. So you cannot start any apps. Just install them again with ‘sudo apt-get install dwm’ and you’re good to go. Don’t even need to restart anything.

Found this cool command to check what release you’re on: lsb_release -d -s -c.

Maybe this only works on Ubuntu?

Install Scientific Linux 6 in VMWare Workstation

Time for some more Linux testing.

The reason for this is because I think I will go ahead and try to study for the RHCSA – Red Hat Certified System Administrator. Work might send me to a course in December, probably wise to play around with it before this.

So here we go.

Scientific Linux (SL) is a free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Historically it’s been updated faster than CentOS. It’s same as Enterprise Linux (EL) – it’s re-compiled from source.

New VM, \SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-Install-DVD.iso, RHEL6 64-bit. 1 Core, 2G RAM, NAT, LSI Logic, New virtual disk, SCSI, 20G. Then boot the VM. has this in pictures.

First thing you see is the Grub menu:

  1. Install or Upgrade
  2. Install with basic video driver
  3. Rescue
  4. Boot from local drive
  5. Memtest (I like that memtest is pretty standard now)

Chose 1. Next screen is a graphical interface where you click and write, so you need keyboard/mouse. Next screen asks if you want local disks or external storage (fc, iSCSI, or zFCP – for system Z). Hostname: SL1.localdomain.

Create disks. Custom/full size. xfs/encryption/lvm cannot be used for boot volumes.

Role: Virtual Host (I want to try KVM). Enabling SL 6.1 and SL 6.1 Security Updates repositories.

Pinging to something on the Intertubes work from the start.

More posts coming with more fun stuff :)