Detroit Red Wings – Pittsburgh Penguins 18/1 2011

Just watched the replay of this high profile game.

The last games has been disappointing for the Red Wings, why do they always have to let in two goals in the first period?
They did this before the new goalie McDonald entered the lineup after Howard’s injury (looks like he’s on the mend, substitute goalie in this game) so wouldn’t attribute it solely to McDonald but he did screw up pretty good on that first goal Detroit let in.

Datsuyk, Holmström, Cleary, Howard and more – some quality players and they are the center of the Wings’ team. Please get better soon!

Also soo nice to see Lidström being captain, going to be very interesting to see who he picks when they start picking the members! Game is on the 30th and before it’s been kind of dull, hopefully not this time!

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