Drupal 7

Just installed Drupal 7 on a Debian Virtual Machine.

It’s so clean and it just feels very solid. Lots of things you can do in there.

Probably a good idea to check out drupal’s own description of their software before doing anything serious with it. I liked this description:

“Drupal is like a Lego kit. Skilled developers have already made the building blocks – in the form of contributed modules – that you need to create a site that suits your needs, whether that is a news site, an online store, a social network, blog, wiki, or something else altogether.”

Without doing any selections or configurations. You will not see anything if you log on as a non-admin user. I created an article and that is all the normal user can see. So for it to be able to see anything else, you need to make that available.

– Initially it appears that Drupal requires a lot of work for it to become useable. Especially for a larger organization or if you have multiple purposes/intentions with the site.

– It also turns out I don’t have the time to continue with this project at the moment (Final Fantasy IX taking my spare time). That’s why I will be publishing this post now and I will try to continue on this thread when I have the time. Another good thing with running your test setup in a VM: shut it down – and when you have the time you can just boot it up again and continue from the exact same place.

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