Exchanging Foreign Drivers License for a Finnish One

Today I applied to exchange my Swedish driver’s license for a Finnish one.

This is because after two years in Finland the foreign is not valid anymore.

Poliisi.fi is the main resource for information.

The Finnish page has a bit more information than both the Swedish and the English one.

Some tips:

  • The two photographs can be color and they should probably follow the passport restrictions (at least that’s what the link on the Finnish page indicates)
  • Bring your passport to the Police, not only the driver’s license.
  • On my account detailing that I’ve driven in Finland I just wrote when I’ve rented car in Finland, which rental companies I used and name/contact details/signature of two witnesses and me.
  • Gather some patience, Police told me today (August 2012) that it takes a long time, maybe 10 weeks or more. So if your license is about to expire, apply in time. You get to keep your drivers license until you go pick up the Finnish one.
  • They don’t tell you when it’s ready – you need to call or go to the station and ask..
  • The doctor’s certificate you can get from a public health station or from a private, most likely a lot less waiting with a private one.

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