HP P6000 – EVA – Thin Privisioning and Dynamic Lun Migration – XCS 10.000.000


2011-07-12: Updated with new link to new HP ITRC forum.

Also it looks like VAAI is not implemented in this firmware.

Some more news!

With Google Translate:
“Under the new EVA was also the XCS software updated and is now more stable and effi ¤ competitive. IT IS now available for r the EVA4000/6000/8000 EVA4100/6100/8100 and the version of XCS tion 6240 and for r the EVA 4400/6400/8400 and EVA XCS version of the P6000 10.000.00 to availability, with new features such as thin Provisioning “and” Dynamic LUN migration “for r coming EVA x400 systems.
In addition, the new EVA Command View v.9.4, which for r all generations of EVA systems can be used.”

The newsletter was in German – it mentions Thin Provisioning and Dynamic LUN Migration (a blog post about Tiering). Especially interesting I find that the x400 will also get this 10.000.00 firmware – which kind of makes sense as it’s already on 09.534.000 (one more number?).
I take this to mean that the architecture inside the P6000 Controllers are the same as in the EVA x400 -series (PowerPC etc.).

Sounds like a great move, as long as the new firmware is as stable as they claim.
EVA x400 was for most of the time not stable until the 09534000 firmware was released, unless you were lucky/did not have that many disk shelves.

It will probably be called XCS 10000000 , not 10.000.00 as written in the newsletter above.

6 thoughts on “HP P6000 – EVA – Thin Privisioning and Dynamic Lun Migration – XCS 10.000.000

  1. bart brinkman

    We have a 8400 and it’s been good to us. We’ve been running 9534000 on it most of the time we’ve had it so I guess we don’t know about the dark days. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with EVA now that they have 3par. The new HP pages and documents only seem to talk about the new P6000 and EVA 4000, no mention of 8000. One thing I really hate about EVA is the crappy tools they give you to manage and monitor it. CV is a pile of junk, slow, pokey, and a pain to use. They also don’t give you any good performance monitoring tools. They always point to PerfMon.. but that just sucks to use also. There is no good way to parse the data! Tlviz, or what ever they call it is just… wow.. sucktastic. There is one good tool to crunch PerfMon data but they don’t let us commoners have it, EVA Performance Tool For Support. If you’ve not seen or used it don’t, because you will want it and you can’t have it. It’s a front end to a bunch of scripts and formatters that looks like someone from back-line ducktapted together and was surprised it worked, but the output is really informative and useful. Please reply to my email if you want to talk EVA.

    1. guldmyr Post author

      Heya, I’ve sent you an e-mail :)

      I’ll put it here as well in case somebody else wants to jump in:

      EVA4000 and 8000 are basically the same (just different hardware on the 8000).
      If you don’t like CV – tried SSSU?
      Evaperf has some good tool, for example if you want to see real time statistics of DR links it’s good enough.
      With evaperf you can output it to a .csv file – why can’t you just parse data from that and generate graphs/reports? Shouldn’t be too complicated with a little scripting.
      I’ve seen the tool and it is pretty handy, as far as I remember it wasn’t possible to schedule reports with it so it’s not so awesome for reporting but more useful for the occasional performance overview/troubleshooting.

  2. Tom

    The EVA 6400/8400 are very similar hardware wise, the 8400 just has more cache and back end ports. They are closely related to the older 4100, 6100 and 8100 range.

    The 4400/6300/6500 are based around the same controller board. so CPU and memory bus are nearly the same. Backend/Frontend ports are different between the 4400 and 6×00 series.

    You can still find 8400/6400 on HP.com http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF25a/12169-304616-304648-304648-304648-3900918.html .

    It’s just harder due to bad website design, which is inherent in HP’s web design team, if you want to call them a web design team.

    XCS1000000 is suported on the EVA6400/8400 and you get THP license for free if you upgrade and if you have a BC license you can use dyamnic lun/Vdisk migration for free as well.


    1. guldmyr Post author

      Ah thanks for this Tom, that explains the HSV naming convention used with the 6300/6500.
      I guess it could’ve been discerned from looking deeper in the user guides.

      I think it’s very nice that HP give ThP for free with a firmware upgrade.
      Catching up a little bit with the competition I guess :)

  3. Amith Ganesan

    FYI, ThP LUNs cannot do Business Copy or live migration between disk group functions (which need the Business Copy license anyway). And also note that there is a bug in 1000.0000 with ThP; should upgrade to 1000.1000.

    1. guldmyr Post author

      bug in firmware: no surprise there! I wouldn’t really want to use the ThP in a production environment on the first firmware that had support for it anyway.. nice way to catch baby diseases.


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