Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 1

Next project coming up!

I want to have the laptop running so that I can have some use for it.
Maybe run some services on it instead of in a VM on my desktop?
But also so that I can chat while playing games ;)

I want to put Linux on this laptop! Which one? Haven’t decided yet.

  • Archlinux (keep it simple)?
  • Ubuntu (I used to run this before, worked even better than WinXP)?
  • Gentoo? – Too much work?

First: Go and pick it up ;) It’s been living in a friend’s cellar for half a year now.
Second: Find out what kind of hard drive/connector it is, in case it’s something special. Google says it shouldn’t be, but I would like to just buy a laptop 1.5″? PATA drive online and put that in instead. But they are some 60€ which is what a you pay for a 1TB these days.
Third: I want to replace that hard drive because it has a tendency to bluescreen a lot. But maybe I should run some kind of diagnostics on it first.. yes. I will run the Ultimate Boot CD – I have never tried it before but I heard it’s good. It’s only 300MB large.

Next post in this series.

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