My broken amazon kindle :(

During the weekend the screen on my amazon kindle 6″ decided to go partially broken.It happened while it was in my backpack inside a ‘leather cover’ that I also got from amazon at the time of purchase.

Usually with these electronic devices it’s that if the screen breaks you’re on your own / can try to get some help from home insurance. So my hopes were not so high when I sent an e-mail to amazon.

They however just asked me to start a chat or call them. I started a chat because I didn’t feel like calling a US number (although they had apparently some service that they’d call me back too), and got a very quick and efficient response. They just asked me to reboot the device (hold the release thing for 30 seconds).
They’re sending a new one and will let me send back the broken one in the same package and with a pre-paid shipment too!

Hope to get it soon, I feel nekkid without this e-book (or anything to read really), and of course it happened just when things were getting really excited in “A storm of Swords” (part of the “game of thrones” book series)!

2 thoughts on “My broken amazon kindle :(

  1. Carol Currie

    My KIndle has same problem. Over 400 books lost as well as my main entertainment. I am absolutely gutted!!! Any help, advice would be very much appreciated.

    1. guldmyr Post author


      You should be able to connect it to your computer via a USB cable and then copy them to your computer’s hard drive.

      Calibre ( ) is a really helpful tool – it could probably be used for this case as well.


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