Got this for ps3 from verkkokauppa.com when it was released (yay, shipping from Åland = no taxes = lots cheaper games). Great if you live in Finland :)

Anyway, the game is pretty awesome (I haven’t played it since NHL ’94) but there are quite a lot of bugs that cause the game to freeze. For example they have this one mode where you use cards as players. Each card can only be used so many times. You use this to make a team and play tournaments, online, singleplayer whatever. Quite often when I play single player tournament the game freezes (often it sounds like the opponent hit the bar so it’s almost/probably goal). This causes a deduction of -1 in the player contracts and probably other nasty things that I haven’t bothered to check. It’s quite annoying anyway.

– Real NHL is starting soon! Too bad Kronwall got injured in Detroit, but I hope he gets back. Bertuzzi looks like he’s just getting better, see this shootout goal: http://video.redwings.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=124735&catid=-6

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