Red Hat Certification – RHCE – Skills Assessment

Just tried out the “Red Hat Skills Assessment” for RHCE.

These are apparently the ones I need to work on:

  • Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems Some Understanding
  • Managing Flexible Storage with Logical Volumes Substantial Knowledge
  • BASH Scripting and Tools Substantial Knowledge
  • Manage System Resources Some Understanding
  • Logical Volume Management Substantial Knowledge
  • Centralized and Secure Storage Familiarity
  • Web Server Additional Configuration Familiarity
  • Basic SMTP Configuration Familiarity
  • Caching-Only DNS Server Familiarity
  • File Sharing with NFS Familiarity

But the assessment doesn’t say which questions I missed, so it could be that some of the ones with “Deep Understanding” I could have gotten enough answers right by guessing. Best to not answer if you don’t know so you get a better pointer at what to look at?


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