RHCSA – Rapid Track – Day 4

Last day!

A little more kickstarting, LVM – logical volume management and File ACL.
Then a rehearse of the previous chapters.

Feeling a bit excited about tomorrow!

These ACL were a bit more complex than I thought, but they could be made very complicated if you want to. But there’s the default ACL and then there’s the normal ones. Chmod +s for sticky bits.

Also got a 4GB USB pen that does about 4.4MB/s :p

Some important ones:

mount -o remount,rw /
kernel-doc package and /usr/share/doc/kernel-*
rpm -qd; rpm -qc

Some important but not importantest:

getsebool -a
setsebool -P
usermod -a
sssd - service that caches authentication stuff

/etc/auto.master ->

/home/guests    /etc/auto.guests

/etc/auto.guests ->

* -rw nfsserver:/path/to/mount/on/home/guests/&

If on nfsserver there is an nfsshare that is: /path/to/mount/on/home/guests/
and in there you have home directories for users. Then this will automount these directories when anybody tries to access them. Same concept as doing:

ls /net/nameofnfsserver/

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