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Been reading a bit, is nice to get to read something other than fibre channel :)

1.) The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison

If you like Douglas Adams this should work for you too.
It’s quite old books (first one is from ’61) but the language does not feel archaic (like James Bond books for example). Slippery Jim is quite devious and goes through evil plots like some folks go through t-shirts. The book has a quite high tempo but sometimes I couldn’t see the logic/reasoning behind what DiGriz was doing, but maybe that is justified because he is ‘smart’, arrogant and a con-man in a universe where there are supposed to be none.
There’s a few of the books, the first one was quite short and it did feel like an introduction without starting when the main character was born but with jumping straight into the action.


Second one I’m on now is one about a Doctor at the “Hospital to end all hospitals”. Gigantic one in space somewhere that could accomodate people/species/aliens/whatever from everywhere. The series is called Sector General. First one is ‘Hospital Station’ which contains 5 shorter stories. I’ve only read the first one so far and it contains a┬ábit of drama, not very interesting main character, yet.

The book so far has focused on Dr Mara’s treatment/feeding (basically not killing it) of a baby which could seem quite boring but honestly the baby/species is described in such detail and I just want to know more. Also older books (’60s and ’70s).

20110919 Update: Just finished the 5 short stories that constitute Sector General. Altogether quite pleasing and interesting stories. Will definitely give more of these a go in the future!

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    1. guldmyr Post author

      They are quite awesome actually, I took a break for some george r.r. martin but I think after this book I’m going to catch some more of these intergalactic stories :)

      Do you have any book recommendations?


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