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Factory reset of a Brocade SAN switch

Ever wondered which is the easiest way?

Using the “configDefault –all” does not clear everything, for example it doesn’t clear: system name, zoning, etc.

Setting the switch to AG mode (Access Gateway) – will clear more things as it basically dumbs down the switch, it does not remove the licenses, IP and password.

ag --modeenable
ag --modedisable

The ‘ag –modedisable’ (puts switch back in normal switch mode) command sets the default zones access to No Access, so if you want to merge this switch into a fabric you’ll most likely need to change that and disable/enable the E_Ports.

Quite often there are some good tips on the Brocade’s community forum.

Access Gateway – NPV – TR

Say what??

Access Gateway – Brocade

NPV (N_port Virtualization (not NPIV) – Cisco

Transparent Mode – QLogic

These are all names for the basic idea / functionality but as there’s no standard the vendors have made up their own names for it.

A switch in Access Gateway (AG) mode does not consume Domain IDs, you can do port mapping, needs NPIV on the port in the switch that it connects to. AG requires a switch / fabric to connect to as it doesn’t run the normal fibre channel services.

It is very useful in case you are going to mix vendors in your fabric. Meaning you can populate the core with Brocade switches and then connect other vendors’ switches in the above modes to the Brocade switches.

On some QLogic switches you can also set a port into TR-mode, see this post on HP’s EBC forum about how to do it. It is not exactly the same as AG or NPV, because you still need to do zoning on the QLogic switch.

There is also the IPM by Qlogic for IBM – it looks like a module that you cannot switch between ‘fabric’ and ‘IPM’ mode. Which is what you can do on a Cisco or on a Brocade switch.