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Finnish words from ankidroid

Lately I’ve been using ankidroid to study Finnish – or at least to expand my vocabulary a bit. I think it’s great but it won’t work by itself and requires quite a bit of tenacity.

The good Finnish deck:https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1918695216 it’s called “Finnish järjestyksessä”.

It’s made by Rendall and it’s quite good, it took a list of the most common Finnish words (assembled by my company ;)

The deck won’t work by itself though, I get a lot of help by:

  • Get the word in a sentence helps tremendously for learning it. Just learning the words helps a lot, especially if you don’t care so much about using the exact right form. Learning how to use them is also important, and that’s where talking or reading things help.
  • Asking someone for assistance or clarifications about words is important. For example you might have words that are translated to the same word in English but you’d use them differently in Finnish.

Some notes about the contents:

  • Some translations are not awesome or the first word that shows up is the archaic meaning. So for those you’d want to click the edit card and change the meaning to something modern.
  • Some erisnimi words are just fairly useless unless you want to learn a city /person name, like NATO, Salo, Joensuu, Jorma or Jukka. They might have a different meaning besides the city name but they’re rarely/never used for that meaning.


Making changes to the template:

On each card there is this “info” and sometimes hints. I found myself wanting to change the URL to wiktionary on the cards because google chrome didn’t redirect wiktionary.org to en.wiktionary org but to www.m.wiktionary.org which doesn’t exist. It’s quite easy to change this, because that part is done with a template and is not added in each card. To change:

  • synch your decks
  • install anki on your compute
  • login with your account and synch it
  • browse the deck and on the right-hand side you’ll see your decks and the ones you have marked and so on, there’s also a few called “adjektiivi”, “prononimit” and so on. These are the templates.
  • Click on a template and then on the “Cards…” button.
  • This will show “Card 1” and “Card 2”. In the back template you can then change the URL to whatever you want!

Cyanogenmod on Xperia Active (ST17i or satsuma)

Finally got fed up with the Xperia Active (ST17i or satsuma) – couldn’t update anything because all the space was used up and it was rebooting when I wasn’t touching it.
Solution? Install Cyanogenmod!

Cyanogenmod’s wiki has a good overview of how to get it installed. Basically you reinstall the operating system – but the cyanogenmod one doesn’t have all the extra crap you don’t want.

All below done from Windows 7 x64.

1. Root it! Rooted with eroot as found on http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2219781

2. Install ADB. I installed the whole SDK.. apparently not needed http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1474956

3. Unlock bootloader.

Poweroff the phone and get into fastboot by holding volume up while connecting the USB cable to the computer.

There is a tool called Flashtool (.net) – but it’s not necessary if you’re comfortable with the command prompt.

Also, if you can find the fastboot drivers from elsewhere that’s probably safer than installing them from flashtool (unsigned).

Run cmd as administrator if it doesn’t work or give the -waiting for device-.

Get the key from Sony via http://unlockbootloader.sonymobile.com/ – Thanks Sony!

4. Install CM 9.1.0

Or if you’re ballsy there’s CM10 the nightly build :)

Download  CM itself http://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=satsuma and Google Apps if you want that.

Pretty straight forward after this, just follow the guide.

Use fastboot to send boot.img
Use fastboot to reboot
Your phones gets into clockwork recovery
I ran wipeall (probably should have backed up the ROM..)
Install cm9.1 from zip
Install gapps from zip

5. Conclusion

One quite annoying thing I get is: “SIM network unlock PIN” even though I’m fairly sure my phone is not locked.
First time it booted it couldn’t sign in to the phone network at all, but on second it could. I just press dismiss.. perhaps this is fixed in CM 10 Jelly Bean – but with that the phone might also be slower.
But besides that I’m quite happy with it so far. At least I won’t have to have large Office software installed anymore.
// Update a few days later: It’s been working quite nicely, not rebooting at all :)
// Update a few weeks later: DHCP on WiFi apparently stops working after a while, major bummer. But setting a fixed IP solves it. It’s apparently also possible to fix it by either setting it then back to DHCP (didn’t work for me) or by clearing out /data/misc/dhcp/* (did work for me) by opening a terminal and sending two commands: “su -” and then “rm /data/misc/dhcp/*”

Android wordpress publishing app

Enabled! Wonder if there’s been lots of exploits for this method of writing posts?

Turns out there are lots of old exploits for wordpress and xmlrpc, apparently it may also leave the page open for bruteforce attacks.. I’ll leave this one disabled.

But I bet there are other ways to upload posts. E-mail perhaps. But it’s actually working pretty well with google chrome — at least it’s a lot smoother than the native android browser.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF 101 + root + arch in chroot

Just got one of these – thought it would be a great tool when going to conferences for example or somewhere where I would need a small computer but don’t want to bring a long my normal heavy laptop.

Normally I prefer pen and paper when going to meetings or conferences, but if there’s a lot of information needed to be written down or if I want to check something online it sounds quite nice.

Got a keyboard with it too. The stuff I’ve wanted do to so far works perfectly and it is very nice to play around with – though I haven’t done any serious work or task for any longer period of time yet. If I can do that without any/much issues I will be very happy about it.

Rooted it without any problems (from a Windows 7 x64 PC). Needed to install the USB drivers from Asus’s page –  (choose OS android).

It would also be nice to have a Linux chroot terminal running inside Android. This tutorial works pretty great – at least to get a basic setup :) Still need to play some more with it to get things working (vpn perhaps?). After you got the sshd running on the android you can connect to localhost with an ssh client, for example irssi connectbot. In there you run the commands outlined in the last link.

After you create a user you need to add the user to the appropriate group. At least if you want network access.
What was strange was that if my user was in only aid_inet I could ssh and irssi to an IP-address, but I could not ping said address. Neither could I ping or ssh to a dns-name. After adding group aid_net_raw and your user to that group that was possible.

After that you can use ‘pacman -S irssi’ to install for example irssi!

Happy transformer arching!


Netti + Sony Ericsson X10 Mini + DNA

So you just got your SE X10 Mini in another country and wants to use it in Finland with the telephone service provider DNA?
Not as easy as it seems! Well, first it’s hard to get the actual number, but after you get your social security number it should not be that hard.

For me it worked, but only with the native browser. Not with any other apps like facebook, gmail, opera mini, market.

When your phone registers on the DNA network it gets some access point profiles that supposedly will let you get online.

To view your profiles go to Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names.
In here I had a profile called “dna wap” and one more – which I got after first registering on the dna network.

Spoke with DNA in Kamppi who said it was the phone’s problem – that that the access point profiles were good (they did mention the Internet one, but said that not all phones has it).
Even had a chat session with the Sony Ericsson support who said that the access point profile is not correctly configured.

After quite some translated search I managed to find this profile:

Name: dna internet
APN: Internet
Proxy: not set
Port: not set
Username: not set
Password: not set
Server: not set
MMSC: not set
MMS Proxy: not set
MMS Port: not set
MCC 244
MNC 12
APN type: not set

Which makes it all work!
DNA does not sell Sony Ericsson cell phones – I suppose they do not like it because they are “made” in Sweden.

Great Android Apps

My phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Active and an Asus Transformer TF101 (with cyanogenmod 10.0).
I am located in Finland so these apps may or may not exist in your market.

Updated 201308. Easy to go to play.google.com and see which you’ve ever installed  :)

flashlight – There’s a ton of these out, useful anyway.
Mybookdroid – Scan barcode of your books and adds them to your library. Synchs with goodreads.com .
Google Translate – Nicer than using the web page.
Collins Swedish-Finnish words – Paid version includes pronunciation as well. After trial expires only random word widget works – which is what I use it for.
Andropas – Public Transport around Helsinki Metropolitan area – quite awesome.
Native browser / Opera Mini – I used the Opera Mini for a while because it was quite fast. But after an update it sometimes did some not so nice refreshes of the page – for example after writing a post in a comment in facebook – which caused all the text to be gone. The native also works with google docs which is a big plus. These days google chrome is also a good alternative.
Google Maps – Good enough free GPS-alternative.
RealCalc Scientific – most of the tools are a mile or three over my head – but I’ve used it occasionally :)
Irssi ConnectBot – Some extra features compared to the normal ConnectBot that makes irssi via ssh/screen a lot smoother.
Irssi Notifier – Get notifications when for example you’ve been hilighted on IRC
AndroIRC – Useful when I’m too lazy to jump through the ssh hoops :)

Zeam Launcher – makes the interface more customizable, “thinner” – not so much extra stuff – what I like most is that you don’t have to do as much flipping between screens when looking for an app.
Skype – works so/so, but it does the trick :)
Advanced Task Killer – Kills apps to free up resources. This page is also very slim -> I like.
Elixir 2 – See which processes are using your system
Fing – Wake On LAN start my desktop :)
WiEye – Check out which channel you should put your wifi on :)
Ftp Server – Easy way to transfer files to the Transformer
Hipmunk – Find cheap flights based on agony is fun :)
KeePassDroid – Sync password database – can be integrated with Dropbox.
PerfectViewer – Read comics
Spotify – Music!
Sveriges Radio – Listen to Swedish radio. Apparently listening to non-live shows is a bit buggy.
Yelp – Find someplace to eat