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Exchanging Foreign Drivers License for a Finnish One

Today I applied to exchange my Swedish driver’s license for a Finnish one.

This is because after two years in Finland the foreign is not valid anymore.

Poliisi.fi is the main resource for information.

The Finnish page has a bit more information than both the Swedish and the English one.

Some tips:

  • The two photographs can be color and they should probably follow the passport restrictions (at least that’s what the link on the Finnish page indicates)
  • Bring your passport to the Police, not only the driver’s license.
  • On my account detailing that I’ve driven in Finland I just wrote when I’ve rented car in Finland, which rental companies I used and name/contact details/signature of two witnesses and me.
  • Gather some patience, Police told me today (August 2012) that it takes a long time, maybe 10 weeks or more. So if your license is about to expire, apply in time. You get to keep your drivers license until you go pick up the Finnish one.
  • They don’t tell you when it’s ready – you need to call or go to the station and ask..
  • The doctor’s certificate you can get from a public health station or from a private, most likely a lot less waiting with a private one.

Bicycling in Helsinki

Some things to remember:

  • Follow the rules of the road, like, stay on the right side :)
  • People tend to follow the rules and get confused if you start bicycling on the left side, there’s also some streets where the bicycle part of the road is one-way (like Boulevardi).
  • Don’t bicycle on walk ways. Old people get upset and the cops might stop you. Even though many of the streets in Helsinki downtown are made out of cobble stone making the bike ride somewhat amusement-parky.
  • Pay attention to your surrounding but pay more attention to where you’re bicycling so you don’t run into stuff or people.
  • True, the Finns are generally an honest people, but do lock your bike.

Music of the Day 13th June (Uncut edition)

Another round of applauds please!

Just got back from the holidays and grabbed a copy of Uncut – Bob Dylan’s 70th Anniversary edition because I had just enough of moneys in that foreign currency to get rid of.

CD kind of sucked though, bunch of happy birthday songs. The songs didn’t sound like Bob Dylan but then again, neither does Bob Dylan so who am I to complain?

Some good stuff:

The Monochrome Set  – Espresso : Great stuff. Apparently bands like Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths sound a lot like them. I would agree. Also they are from the 80s so they were before everybody! Yay. Original? Can’t tell but honestly, it sounds pretty good. Good tempo, occasionally sad voice on the singer and some happy guitar solos. I’m there.

Ringo Starr is apparently famous, I liked the interview with him, he sounds like a happy person even though he was in the Beatles and did(present tense?) drugs. It’s him and the All Starr band – with lots of great musicians – also he’s a drummer. What’s up with drummers? They seems to last forever. Music is poppy.

Cornershop (Brimful of Asha – do you remember?) – there is/was a religious Sihk in the band – cool! So that song was about the love for vinyls. Be sure to check out some of their other songs, there are some really cool remixes with their songs.


Finnish third year students celebrations

Walked through a peaceful and frosty Helsinki today, when we stumbled on the Boulevard we were showered in candy and various songs on the theme ‘we are the best’!

Turns out this is a tradition, the to be graduates celebrate last school day in ‘Gymnasium’ the rest of the semester is just tests apparently :-)

In Sweden we did have less classes, more tests and projects but this varied depending on which programme we attended.

All in all, spirit-lifting with so many people dressing up, populating their whole class on the back of a lorry and often with a theme and cool words on cardboard.

Thank you Helsinki and all good luck in the next months!

Ubuntu 10.10 Minimal Virtual Kernel + VMWare Workstation

To install Ubuntu 10.10 with a virtual kernel instead of the normal one = good, less stuff installed that you may not need.

  1. When setting up the install, do not use the easy install. Chose to install an OS later. Set up bridged/nat depending on which one you want.
  2. Add the install .iso to the CD-drive in the VM
  3. Select a language
  4. Press F4 (it didn’t work in the first screen)
  5. Chose – install a minimal virtual machine
  6. Install Ubuntu Server
  7. Chose language again
  8. Chose key map – (I chose English and had to browse to Finland)
  9. Asked to press some buttons, wanted Swedish (but have an English keyboard) so tried to press the right ones :p
  10. Then time zone Helsinki/Finland was found.
  11. Using default (whole disk, no encryption or lvm) for partitioning.
  12. set up users
  13. set up encryption on home dir
  14. proxy setup
  15. installing security updates automagically
  16. any extra packages (DNS, LAMP, Mail, OpenSSH, etc)? – I chose no, want to chose this myself later.
  17. yes I want grub (it finds only one OS on the virtual disk ;)

Then I see the login prompt! Obviously the easy-install in VMWare Workstation has a lot less steps :)

But on the other hand you could install OpenSSH directly through the install and then you do not have to log on to the VM via VMWare Workstation, but can do it via your favorite ssh program instead.

Post install

What I want installed every time after an uninstall.
After install it is a very very small installation.
Not even ‘man’ is installed.

sudo apt-get install openssh-server ntp nano

edit /etc/network/interfaces – configure static ip
edit /etc/ntp.conf – add time servers
edit ~/.bashrc – change colors in the prompt and add color

Kernel difference you can see when running uname: 2.6.35-22-virtual in comparison to 2.6.35-22-generic


Now you can set up whatever you want on it! Of course you may want to do more things, set up iptables or you could use it like it is before the things I do after each install. You can use vi instead of nano/pico and use dhcp instead, depends on what you are going to do with your VM.

Finnish – Word Cases – Non-productive Cases

Part one of this article – describing the Cases expressing Grammatical Functions.
Part two: Locative Cases
Part three: Others

Non-productive Cases


Meaning/function: without
Ending: -tta; ttä
Example: syyttä
Examples: S/he got angry without reason. – Hän suuttui syyttä.


Meaning/function: channel , by
Ending: -tse
Example: postitse, maitse
The books come by post. – Kirkjat tulevat postitse.
The transportation takes place by land. – Kuljetus tapahtuu maitse.


Meaning/function: means, manner, how?
Ending: -n
Example: käsin, jalan, itkien
This has been made by hand. – Tämä on käsin tehty.
Lönnrot travelled by foot. – Lönnrot teki matkansa jalan.
S/he came home crying. – Hän tuli itkien kottin.


Meaning/function: company, with
Ending: -ne (+ possessive suffix)
Example: vaimoineen, ympäristöineen
The president was also there with his wife. – Myös presidentti vaimoineen oli paikalla.
Helsinki, including its surroundings is the most densely populated area. – Helsinki ympäristöineen on tiheimmin asuttua aluetta.

Finnish – Word Cases – Others

Part one of this article – describing the Cases expressing Grammatical Functions.
Part two: Locative Cases
Part four: Non-productive



Meaning/function: change into for (future time (DYN))
Ending: -ksi
Example: johtajaksi, jouluksi
S/he became the manager last year. – Hän tuli viime vuonna johtajaksi.
I’m going to Finland for Christmas. – Menen jouluksi Suomeen.


Meaning/function: function, satte, quality, etc. Precise time (STA)
Ending: -na/ -nä
Example: johtajana, kuumana, mustana, sunnuntaina
S/he is a manager in New york. – Hän on New Yorkissa johtajana.
The sauna is hot all day. – Sauna on koko päivän kuumana.
I drink coffee black. – Juon kahvin mustana.
I’ll come on Sunday. – Tulen sunnuntaina.

Finnish – Word Cases – Locative (expressing place)

Part one of this article – describing the Cases expressing Grammatical Functions.
Part three: Others
Part four: Non-productive

Locative cases (expressing place) – internal locations (in)


Meaning/function: in, inside, etc (STA)
Ending: -ssa/ -ssä
Example: hotelissa, puolessa, tunnissa
I am in the/a hotel now. – Olen nyt hotellisa.

I will be in the restaurant in half an hour. – Olen puolessa tunnissa ravintolassa.


Meaning/function: from, out of (DYN), as a complement of some verbs
Ending: -sta / -stä
Example: hotellista
Examples: I am leaving the hotel now. – Lähden nyt hotellista.


Meaning/function: into, to, etc (DYN) as a complement of some verbs
Ending: -Vn; –hVn
Example: hotellin
I just came into the hotel. – Minä tulin juuri hotellin.
I immediately took a liking to this hotel. – Ihastuin tähän hotelliin heti.

Locative cases (expressing place) – external locations (on)


Meaning/function: on (STA), instrument, possession, (dative) time
Ending: -lla/ -llä
Example: kadulla, taksilla, minulla, illalla/talvella

I’ll wait on the street. – Odotan kadulla.
I’ll come by taxi. – Tulen taksilla.
I have a car. – Minulla on auto.
I’ll come in the evening/in the winter. – Tulen illalla/talvella.


Meaning/function: from (DYN) source
Ending: -lta/ -ltä
Example: kadulta, johtajalta
The bus leaves from this street. – Bussi lähtee tälta kadulta.
I heard it from the manager. – Kuulin sen johtajalta.


Meaning/function: onto (DYN), to, etc. Recipient.
Ending: -lle
Example: Kadulle, hänelle
The bus comes to this street. – Bussi tulee tälle kadulle.
I’ll tell him (that). – Kerron sen hänelle.

Finnish – Word Cases – Grammatical Function

Finnish works the way that it adds something at the end of the word (and maybe change the middle of the word) to make it mean things like: location, possession, from, receipient, future, channel, how, …, there is 16 of them – obviously I find this a little difficult!

I will try to make sense of them (or at least describe them) in this article series.

I put in some color coding to visualize the words in each sentence as they are translated – there might very well be some mistakes there – if you see one, please let me know :)

Cases expressing grammatical function


Meaning/function: Base form / subject, object
Singular ending: Ø
Plural ending: -t
Example: hotelli /t

Is the hotel open? – Onko hotelli auki?
Are the hotels open? – Ovatko hotellit auki?


Possession / object
Ending: -n or -en
Example: Hotellin / Hotellien

The names of the hotels are Vaakuna and Presidentti. – Hotellien nimet ovan Vaakuna ja Presidentti.
Who owns this hotel? – Kuka omistaa tämän hotellin?


Object of personal pronouns
Ending: -t
Example: hänet

Example: Do I know him/her – Tunnetko hänet?


Meaning/function: vage amount, negative complement, greetings, etc
Ending: -a/-ä and -(t)ta/ -(t)tä
Example: rahaa, häntä, huonetta, taksia, päivää

I have (some) money. – Minulla on rahaa.
I do not know him/her. – Minä en tunne häntä.
I do not have a room yet. – Minulla ei ole vielä huonetta.
There aren’t any taxis in the street. – Kadulla ei ole vielä taksia.
Hyvää päivää! – Good day!

Part two: Locative Cases
Part three: Others
Part four: Non-productive

Opiskelija suomea – study Finnish

Just been to the immigration arbetskraftsbyrå in Hakaniemi. The course I have found that’s out in Espoo should be ok. They may pay for it too as their requirement is 14-16 hours per week and at least four days per week!

They sort the classes in different categories. Mine was A1.3 which is apparently a good one for me(a beginner).

The test they were going to send out will hopefully come before that. Apparently lots of people who want to study Finnish.

Also found some cumin(good for middle eastern and mexican dishes) in an Asian store!

EMC – Symmetrix and CLARiiON – 2

So we reserved two green old chairs.
Just might need a nut and a metal plate for a bolt that’s missing one then they’ll do nicely!


Also been reading up on the CLARiiON now so far as to what I’ve found.

Hardware base is quite similar to the EVAs with the backend loops, CTS on the CX4 and loop io modules on the CX3. With a max of 120 disks per loop.
The number in the naming of the CX4 (maybe the others too) is that the number is max amount of disks. CX4-960 is 960 disks and 8 loops (120 per loop then?). Loop pairs I hope.

Turns out Dell are selling these.

Hot sparing is used and a raid group is like an EVA disk group.
Quite similar to the way HP’s XP is creating the parity groups.
Navisphere for management on the CLARiiON and System Management Console on the Symmetrix.

Interesting stuff this is!

Symmetrix is high end and CLARiiON is mid range.

So Symmetrix has even more similarities to the XP. For example the blades with the directors(host ports, device ports, disks, memory, cache) and assemblies.

Both appears to have more ways of configuring it than the EVA – the admin interface looks more complex anyway and you can tune the cache which is neat ;)


Both of these are quite extensive but especially the Symmetrix article looks a lot like an advertisement.


Testing the posting via android native browser.

Line break.

Going to swedish embassy now. When renewing passports the police can send them there. About 1/3 of the price if you get picture etc in the embassy :-)

Hope I make it.