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owncloud in a box!



Based on opensuse 12.1, I tested this out in vmware workstation by downloading the vm version (has a .vmdk file) inside the .tar inside the .tar.gz.

“Run the appliance, go to http://[yourservername]/owncloud and login as admin with the password owncloud42. Change the password in the admin interface and use the URL, which is shown there to access ownCloud via WebDAV.”

files, music, bookmarks, calendar, e-mail client, ldap and unix pam integration.

All in all, it looks like it could be quite cool. And it appears to be updated quite often too with a quite active community. But this takes a bit of commitment. First you want to move your existing stuff into this one (so you want to have backups of it etc) and you want to host it somewhere reliable (in case you access it through your phone etc). But I can see the potential, is quite nice to not have to depend on google or your other_random_”cloud”_vendor for these kind of services.

Music of the Day – 30th of June – poprockindie

Young the Giant – My Body # I like the first comment on the youtube – “When i heard this song for the first time i automatically loved it. Not very many songs can do that.”. What I didn’t like was was written on the blog where I found the song:  “That’s a pretty amazing endorsement from a man that most of us view as a God.”. Morrissey? God? Drug-addict. Crap. Saw him in Marlay Park in Dublin some years ago and it was just pure crap. Good thing that The Magic Numbers were on after :) Best ever! Haven’t heard about em you say? Check em out.

(Actually double-checked in my old resdagboken.se so I didn’t write false words).
I wrote that me and Oskar were going to the consert, and I ended with the Morrissey is cool. So a bit of reverse of onion there, good, turns out I’m improving after all.

Another good song there: Heartbeats. Ever heard the Knife’s or Jose Gonzalez’s version? One of them was in a commercial. There is another cover on there now by a Ellie Goulding. For me it’s hard to beat the Knife’s version – as it’s pretty awesome – and it has much more synth in it. Also Ellie’s voice annoys me a little bit. Checked out some more songs, still annoying. There probably are more covers of the heartbeat song though, check em out!

Also – if you just found some good music – I’d love to hear! What are you listening to now?

Music of the day 22th of June (vinyl café edition)

My favorite English language radio-show is the Vinyl Café with Stuart McLean. It’s a CBC radio show and the hosts travel around Canada (and now also US) having live shows, live music, stories sent in by listeners and also their own stories of course. I guess you could say it’s a show with stories, often fun ones.

I first stumbled onto it when sitting on the bus from Vancouver to Calgary, in the middle of the night I woke up in a valley near Banff. I was on my way across Canada by myself. It was one of the shows when the crew travels across Canada on the train – where they have live shows on the train but also speaking with people on the train, asking for their stories. Reflection about traveling, stuff like that. Of course I was caught and have been listening to almost every week’s podcast since then (summer 2008). Apparently there are many other shows but

The music they play is most of the time by independent musicians (monetary reasons I believe) so what you here are often eeexcellent live music. More often the music is singer songwriter style (one person) but sometimes a little band comes on the show and gives a great performance.

When I get to plan a visit to Canada I will try to go see one of these live shows :)

Today I’m listening to the 4th June episode

Luke Doucet and Melissa McLelland sang some duets. Just pure beautiful.

Music of the Day 13th June (Uncut edition)

Another round of applauds please!

Just got back from the holidays and grabbed a copy of Uncut – Bob Dylan’s 70th Anniversary edition because I had just enough of moneys in that foreign currency to get rid of.

CD kind of sucked though, bunch of happy birthday songs. The songs didn’t sound like Bob Dylan but then again, neither does Bob Dylan so who am I to complain?

Some good stuff:

The Monochrome Set  – Espresso : Great stuff. Apparently bands like Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths sound a lot like them. I would agree. Also they are from the 80s so they were before everybody! Yay. Original? Can’t tell but honestly, it sounds pretty good. Good tempo, occasionally sad voice on the singer and some happy guitar solos. I’m there.

Ringo Starr is apparently famous, I liked the interview with him, he sounds like a happy person even though he was in the Beatles and did(present tense?) drugs. It’s him and the All Starr band – with lots of great musicians – also he’s a drummer. What’s up with drummers? They seems to last forever. Music is poppy.

Cornershop (Brimful of Asha – do you remember?) – there is/was a religious Sihk in the band – cool! So that song was about the love for vinyls. Be sure to check out some of their other songs, there are some really cool remixes with their songs.


Music of the Day 22nd of May

Dying is Fine – Ra Ra Riot – Sounds a lot like Morrissey occasionally, but not often enough for me to start hurling, so I liek. Beware of their main web site http://www.rarariot.com/ – you can get epilepsia for free there. Wild bass in the song Boy – check it out, nowz!


Whoa oh oh oh – The Ascetic Junkies – not only with a mandarin ;) – From Portland? Kind of make sense, definitely a hippie vibe to it :) They call it ‘whiskeystomp’ for no good reason! Is that a good reason?


Ascetic Junkies

Ascetic Junkies - borrowed from t61.com


The Whigsnice rocking motion, especially in the beginning of “I am for real”. Not so many tunes on t61 but there is youtube as well ;)

Great Intro – \”I am for real – The Whigs\”

Songs of the day 17th of May

From the front page of thesixtyone.com

Just Pretend – Hayley Sales – Soft and nice. I like the part when the bass is more pronounced with about 50s left.

Train Song – Felix Fables – Folk Frenzy? Doesn’t sound very folky to me. Maybe the background tunes and vocals are. Quite down to earth music anyway.

The Way I amIngrid Michaelson – Hearty and warm. Valentines day music?

Tea with Cinnamon – Katzenjammer – Now this is folky. Fast paced jumpy and happy music. Great for grill party. Also they are apparently Norwegian. They also have another song on t61 – “A Bar in Amsterdam“. Insane start. I love it. When the chorus kicks in, it sounds like lyrics of a power metal song a lá Iron Maiden. Great!

La-La-LushMegan Elizabeth Heise – Not much web sites about this one, but I found it in the open mic section so that’s OK I guess :) Pretty nice actually!

She’s All About The Love – Annie McQueen – singer/songwriter. Folky.

Songs of the day 28th of April

The Submarines – You, Me and the Bourgeouisie – Lovely swing, great song to start the day with. Found a review on the Washington Examiner. Her voice sounds quite a bit like The Cardigan’s – Nina Persson. Or maybe Hello Saferide. Just beautiful anyway. … “here we are in the center of the first world”.

Glasgow – Julia and the Doogans – check em out on bandcamp. Soft and sweet.

Music of the day – 19th of April + Go Detroit Day

Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine – Just awesome.

Satellite – Leila Boussard – Also quite nice. But not as nice as ^^

Happy Tuesday :)

Saw the 3rd game in the Detroit – Phoenix Stanley Cup series this morning.

Lovely to see Helm fight like a bull and the Mule got in a nice kicker in the top shelf with that goal of his.

Songs of the day – 30 of March – 2011

Juke Cartel – Save Me# rock, much more so than the previous ones I’ve mentioned :)

Angel Jonathan – Jahel# trancey! apparently a little Irish going on at 2:15 :)

Strength of Strings – The Keys # popped up under mood ‘partay’. Beginning should’ve been under ‘mellow’ for sure :) But the song increases in happiness after the first verse or so. Nice guitars.

Power Version – HiFi Hustlers # nice rhythm! now we’re talking..  dance-reggae-electronica?

Kill the Director – The Wombats # pump it up! From livepool, not sure if this is good or bad.

Favorites: nothing that tickled this time

Songs of the day – 25 of March – 2011

Same story as last time: I am listening from the laptop speakers while working so not listening to the lyrics much. I put in ‘open mic’ or a special mood in thesixtyone and see what comes up! Great way to find new music :)

Awake My Soul – Momford & Sons # sing/song writer. Needs to be listened to more, the lyrics. Relaxing song. Banjo here too? Or maybe mandolin or something like that :)

El Capitan – The Steelwells # Beautiful. I laijk.

Harold T. Wilkins – Fanfarlo # Again nice, believe this was on the list a couple of days ago.

Birthday Party (demo) – The Preachers # energetic and emotional(?, maybe not, but I can feel?) good voice on the singer

Me and You – Helga Knardal # soft sung

Places to Go – Leftover Cuties # classical comp, like 70s, 60s. Lovely.

Do the Whirlwind – Architecture in Helsinki # bitop. full of win. Awesome videos. See also The Owls Go and Hold Music by the same band.

The Spring Standards – Queens of the Lot # a little .. jazzy maybe?

Favorites: El Capitan, Leftover Cuties, Architecture in Helsinki

Songs of the day 23st of March – 2011

Graciously taken from listening to thesixtyone.com today. Some links go to the youtube some to thesixtyone.com
Please note that I rarely listen to the actual text of the songs, just the music and the rhythm.
Primarily because I do not listen to them from my head phones, my hearing is a bit shot and the speakers now are from the laptop and a bit low volume.

My Mathematical Mind – Spoon # ok

The `59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem # This is nice! Good tempo.

Quiet When Group – Boduf Songs # no impression

All Those Pretty Lights – Andrew Belle # Annoying voice at a start, maybe it improves? No it did not really.

Peacock Dance – The Smooth Maria # Improves later on in the song.

A Letter To An Old Friend (in the key of E flat) – Two Bicycles # Slow, the occasional banjo? Good thing I’m not the author of Larson (who supposedly hates banjos ;). Xylophone too maybe? Is this a band or a one-man show? Quite nice anyway.

Adieu, adieu – The Pharmacy # Psychadelic?

In Ruins – Fol Chen # Smooth voice. Asiatic sounds, chinese/japanese that is. Quite refreshing.

Memento Mori – Unmorph # Ambient? I like this mix ;) Although I did not touch the settings. Not only ambient, also some parts I would definitely call industrial.

Rain – Curious? # More xylophones or at least some kind of bell instrument. Relaxing. No vocals. Does the song sound a little bit like rain drops hitting the bells? They do feel random occasionally but with a rhythm.

Social Standing – Tatiana Kochkareva # Singer is Russian – studied Jazz. Is this song jazz though? I have no idea. For sure I will look this one up later and listen to the lyrics.

Comfortable Haze – The Day Life # Playful guitar scenes, especially in the end. A little sad voice.

Favorites: Two bicycles, Fol Chen, The Gaslight Anthem and Tatiana Kochkareva.