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Some updates to the home network 1/2

Current layout:

  • The corner:
    • Cable MODEM NAT&WiFi ISP A
    • One server
    • One desktop who should be on both networks, default gw on one
    • Phones and tablets wifi
  • TV Area:
    • DSL Modem NAT&WiFi ISP B
    • One raspberry pi connected to the server
    • Phones and tablets wifi
    • One chromecast, would be nice to have connected to the server too
    • One ps3
  • 20m, a microwave, and walls in between the two areas (and most importantly the server and the raspberry pi) so wifi is spotty.

Most import factor: One long ass 30m UTP cable connecting the raspberry pi to the same network as the server

It would be cool to: A) be able to connect the desktop to the modem out by the TV and B) Get the chromecast (WIFI only) onto the same network as the server, perhaps with an AP for ISP A network near the TV area

Stay tuned for another post in the hopefully near future when I’ve got something working to help with A/B :)

Update : another graphical representation of the netwirjs:


Got this for ps3 from verkkokauppa.com when it was released (yay, shipping from Åland = no taxes = lots cheaper games). Great if you live in Finland :)

Anyway, the game is pretty awesome (I haven’t played it since NHL ’94) but there are quite a lot of bugs that cause the game to freeze. For example they have this one mode where you use cards as players. Each card can only be used so many times. You use this to make a team and play tournaments, online, singleplayer whatever. Quite often when I play single player tournament the game freezes (often it sounds like the opponent hit the bar so it’s almost/probably goal). This causes a deduction of -1 in the player contracts and probably other nasty things that I haven’t bothered to check. It’s quite annoying anyway.

– Real NHL is starting soon! Too bad Kronwall got injured in Detroit, but I hope he gets back. Bertuzzi looks like he’s just getting better, see this shootout goal: http://video.redwings.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=124735&catid=-6

Playstation 3 – it’s purty

Got one this weekend, together with Gran Turismo 5 and Little Big Planet (or something like that), we’ve only played GT 5 so far but it’s pretty darn amazing!
It’s quite hard but we do win – complete the challenges in the beginner level at least ;)

Altogether quite expensive stuff, but we’ll try to get the rest of the stuff from online after this. Just wanted to get the console itself somewhere close in case we need help with the console or something is broken.


Check this out. You install it on your Window/mac/linux, then inside the playstation you go to videos and find it in there. And then you can stream videos from your desktop/laptop/server! Be sure to check out the forums, you can get the latest build in there.
Of course you can compile your own stuff from the svn but I do not know how to do that. That would be a good post on here though, I’ll put it on the to-do list!

Anyway, as far as I could read there are limitations to the ps3mediaserver. Subtitles in .srt format may not work, does not read inside compressed archives and maybe not all formats work.

PS3 – yes or no?

As I will soon be getting some income again, we thought this might be a good time to get a video game console.

We do like the look of PS3 (Gran Turismo 5, NHL, etc). A bit pricey though.
And then there’s also all this negative news I keep on seeing about what Sony are doing to prevent the recent compromised “some kind of authoring/security key”.

Should we still get it? Maybe they’ll get cheaper now?

It would have been nice to use something similar to XBMC that I had on my XBOX (some 7 years ago).

Other options would be a

Wii – bores me pretty quickly but it’s an OK party machine, but personally I prefer talking to people at parties


XBOX360 (doesn’t have Gran Turismo 5).