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Trick with labels in gmail – how to find out who is selling your e-mail address

I actually read about this in some comment field somewhere else, but here is a great explanation of my intention:

I thought first that I could just e-mail to address+label@gmail.com and it would automagically come to that e-mail. That’s not the case. You still need to create a label and set up a filter. But still quite useable. In case for example you want to send notes to yourself or something like that.
Another cool thing, let’s say you register on a website. Then don’t register with your normal e-mail, register with address+facebook@gmail.com

Then all those e-mails from facebook will come to you – with the above address in the to: field.

Quite neat huh?

In case you want to find out who is selling your e-mail address you can set this up for each place you register and then when you get a spam message you can click on more details and see where it was sent to!