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Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 3


Two previous posts:

Part1 – thoughts before installing
Part2 – ultimate boot CD – for diagnostics

I ran the laptop with google-chrome 10 and two flash-pages loading all night, no blue-screens, no errors in event viewer. No actually it looks and feels pretty ok. It’s not very fast, but I suspect this is the hard drive being slow.

Turns out I do have some CDs lying around!

Starting off easy with ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.
The reason why I’m not trying the 11.04 is because I tried that in a VM the other day and it gave lots of errors. I also read some post about that 5/11 users managed to crash the Unity VM. So not stable :p

If that works (maybe even just try live-cd? nah, that’s chicken) then maybe later I will can try something else like:

archlinux (which apparently requires setting up x-servers (required for graphical interface):

How to boot:

Put in CD, press F12 during boot, chose the ACPI CD0 entry.

The install:

Ubuntu loading logo looks like crap during boot (green pixelation around it). However during the actual install it looks fine.
It would be good to have an UTP cable so that you can have internet access during install (download updates to packages etc). I did not have a UTP cable so I will hope that the wireless works and that I can update after install.
I like that while the CD is copying files, you get to set some settings:

partition layout/hard disk layout, timezone, keyboard layout, username, passwords, computer name, home directory encryption,

While setting up the computer name, the installer automagically found out that it is a Thinkpad T40 that I have!

When it’s done, the CD pops out, take it, press enter, wait, log in!

Next post is about logging in and doing the initial setup.

Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 2

Previous post in this series:

I’m going to try to put ubcd on an old USB pen I have, lots easier than burning a CD/DVD. Which I may not even have. It’s an old Jens of Sweden 1GB mp3-player, that doesn’t start unless plugged in a USB-port..

On the UBCD (you can mount this on  your pc) there is a tool under x:\ubcd\tools\win32\ubcd2usb

Open a command prompt on your PC type:

  • x:
  • cd ubcd/tools/win32/ubcd2usb
  • ubcd2usb.cmd CDROM: USBDRIVE: (like ubcd2usb.cmd D: E:)

Then you need to put in the USB-pen, boot your computer. Check BIOS and put USB drive at the top.

Turns out I have forgotten my thinkpad supervisor password.. So that is a no-no because apparently to reset that I need to do some soldering. Also there is only a CDRW-drive, and I do not have an empty CD to burn, only DVDs :/

PXE boots is also an option, but this looks incredibly difficult. It probably isn’t (should be just DHCP and tftp server, but gotta make floppy boot disks, etc).

But, got a hold of my lovely laptop, boots up WinXP just fine. Going to patch it now and keep it going for a while running something, we’ll see if it crashes or not. Maybe it is OK?

Next post in this series will be published on the 18th of April. That one is about installing Ubuntu on the Thinkpad T40!

Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 1

Next project coming up!

I want to have the laptop running so that I can have some use for it.
Maybe run some services on it instead of in a VM on my desktop?
But also so that I can chat while playing games ;)

I want to put Linux on this laptop! Which one? Haven’t decided yet.

  • Archlinux (keep it simple)?
  • Ubuntu (I used to run this before, worked even better than WinXP)?
  • Gentoo? – Too much work?

First: Go and pick it up ;) It’s been living in a friend’s cellar for half a year now.
Second: Find out what kind of hard drive/connector it is, in case it’s something special. Google says it shouldn’t be, but I would like to just buy a laptop 1.5″? PATA drive online and put that in instead. But they are some 60€ which is what a you pay for a 1TB these days.
Third: I want to replace that hard drive because it has a tendency to bluescreen a lot. But maybe I should run some kind of diagnostics on it first.. yes. I will run the Ultimate Boot CD – I have never tried it before but I heard it’s good. It’s only 300MB large.

Next post in this series.