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High amount of Load_Cycle_Count on Green Western Digital disks

You are monitoring the SMART values of your disks right? They’re usually a real good indicator of the health of the drive.

Thought I’d check out the SMART value of the disks in my desktop today (while checking if I had notifications from smartd on).

Low and behold, the Load_Cycle_Count (LLC) was really high, much higher than power_cycle_count on the 3TB WD disk I have. It turns out this is quite an old problem so there are a few posts about this on the Internets.
The Interwebs says max in the specs are 300k load cycles. Smartctl -a says I’m already at 218602 after 9302 power on hours (387 days but I power off the computer at night).


Model Family:     Western Digital Caviar Green (AF, SATA 6Gb/s)
Device Model:     WDC WD30EZRX-00DC0B0

For Windows there’s a wdidle3.exe that is a DOS program that one can put on a bootable floppy (…) and boot a computer on to change some stuff on a disk.

Fortunately I run Linux (Ubuntu 14.10 since yesterday) and there’s a tool called idl3ctl – one can grab it from here: http://idle3-tools.sourceforge.net/

I got the latest source code and compiled it myself because there had been some updates to it since the last release (2012 vs 2011 ..).
“idl3ctl -g” shows that the disk was set to park itself after 8s. I disabled that with idl3ctl and powered off and on the computer and now the tool says it’s disabled.

Hopefully this should increase the lifetime of my disk.

WD buys Hitachi GST

Linky to the register

“Western Digital is buying Hitachi Global Storage Technologies for $4.25bn in a friendly takeover …”

Hitachi GST has quite a few home-based disk products which do look interesting.

Hitachi GST’s page is very slow at the moment (2011-03-07 22:06 EET) – it even stopped responding. Maybe that’s because it’s getting slashdotted (./ed) or digged or something like that :)

Ye reckon this will make the drives cheaper? Sure hope so. I would like to get a little more, only have 2x500GB in my desktop at the moment :/
But might also be nice to get an SSD disk, but then again I don’t see why. I don’t really have any performance problems..