Windows 8 Developer Preview + VMWare Workstation

VMWare Workstation 8 is required (doesn’t work in 7).
The x64 version (without developer tools) installs just fine on my Win7 x64 Core i7 machine with virtualization enabled in BIOS.
Just disable the easy install bullcrap (you may have to remove the floppy drive).

Boots fine and logs on, can connect your Microsoft Live account to the computer. If you do connect it, you’ll get an e-mail to your Live e-mail asking if you did this and if you want to give this computer access to your account. Pretty integrated.

That’s how far I’ve gotten. Unsure if I’ll actually try anything more but it was nice to see that it works. Windows 7 has been so great to me (compared to 98, me, and xp) with very few problems that I doubt that I will upgrade for quite a while. Approaching 2 years, no reinstall yet and it’s still pretty quick. I suppose it all depends if Win8 is going to have some feature that I really do like/want.

If you just bring the mouse down to the right corner you get the start menu and a large clock, nice, no need to click. None of the apps worked (couldn’t click on them).
Looks nice and ‘streamlined’ or something, not too cluttered – nice.

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